Qing Yu’s emotional question and answer: 14 years of husband and wife, he suddenly proposed a divorce, I can’t figure out why this is why

Consult one:

I am 23 years old, my boyfriend is 30 years old, we have been with each other for half a year, I am in the hospital to buy him to open a small barber shop, He is a single parent and his family conditions are not very good. My parents strongly oppose it. I feel that this person is not serious and has no stable income. If he is so old, he is not married. This person is not reliable. Very strong, I don’t know what to do, can you help me?

A: Since you don’t have a clear position, listen to your parents, trust your parents’ eyes and experience. /p>

Consultation 2:

Aware of 14 years, 9 years of marriage, two sons 7 and 3 years old, the last two years of emotional change, both sides Did not derail, now my husband is divorcing me. His reason is that it was not suitable at the beginning. He felt that he didn’t love me enough. He didn’t want to live the rest of his life. He hoped to have his own new life and find someone who loves it. The two children raised him, and they all brought it to me. He paid for the maintenance. Give me the real estate. The teacher helped me analyze his delusions. I was puzzled. I am currently lowering my posture and seeking peace. He does not agree. I have a strong temper. I have been living with his parents since I was married, and my relationship with my parents is often tense. He is very busy with his chores. The teacher gave me instructions

A: What did he think? You have already said it yourself. On the one hand, your feelings are becoming cold, on the other hand, someone is outside, and Feelings are quite deep. He has been completely disappointed with this relationship with you. He clearly conveyed a message to you. As long as you agree to the divorce, everything is negotiable and it is a compensation for you.



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