Quanzhou, Fujian, China’s first failed city, is it really so unbearable?

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Our country has a very long history. Many cities have experienced the baptism of thousands of years of wind and rain. Even many cities have the possibility of applying for a legacy, but there is a city in our country. The application has failed. What happened?

This is Quanzhou, Fujian. After all, this is a port. As long as it is an era of communication with the outside world, this city is very brilliant. Only in the later period, our country has imposed a sea ban, and it has gradually become A quiet little city. In the past ten years, we have applied for the legacy every year, but Quanzhou has failed. What happened in this? Let’s explore together.

There is news that Quanzhou is going to apply for the Maritime Silk Road with several cities. This process has been going on for several years, but I don’t know why, it has opened other The small partner, applied for it alone, applied for the ancient phoenix tree thorns, but did not expect it to collapse.

Is it because Quanzhou is not good? In fact, there are many attractions here and the birthplace of marine culture. There are many reasons for the loss of the application. The standard is not our own. The strength may be because the preparation is not enough.

But this small city still has a lot of attractions worth seeing. For example, the Kaiyuan Temple here is the largest temple in the province. The twin towers in the temple are the most famous, even if they have experienced The magnitude 8 earthquake and the typhoon that often comes are still standing.

The clock tower is also a symbol of Quanzhou, with a height of 13.6 meters. It has a very typical European style. Zhongshan Road is the earliest commercial street here. Although it has already fallen, it has left a lot of old-fashioned building.

Most of the city’s attractions are related to religious beliefs, and there is a very strong marine culture, such as a small fishing village by the sea, and the village of Yupu, where the architecture is very characteristic. They are all clam shells. What do you think of such a city?

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