Regardless of men and women, after 45 years old, you have to hold back to do 4 things, hold back and live long and quietly approach you.

People want to be healthy and long-lived, but they need to pay for health and longevity. Health and longevity will not come to you in vain, but you need to pay more attention to your health. It is very simple to do less things that are not good for your health. However, in reality, many people want to live longer and healthier, but often do things that are harmful to their health, either they are accustomed to being unwilling to change, or they are looking for various reasons to excuse themselves, so how can health and longevity be close to you? ?

After 45 years of age, the body will enter a period of rapid aging, and it is also a period of development from middle age to old age. Many people feel that the years are not forgiving. However, at the same time, after 45 years old, it is a crucial period for health and wellness. Many people have been busy for most of their lives, and their bodies have been more or less hidden. At this time, pay attention to health and well-being, maintain your body, and get rid of some health problems. Habits and behaviors, now that the body has not yet aging to a certain extent, hidden diseases can still be controlled, lay a good foundation, health and longevity will naturally “sneak” close to you.

No matter men or women, after 45 years old, you have to hold back 4 things and hold back and live long and quietly close to you

1. Less hair color

A lot of people have more and more white hair on their heads after 45 years old. Many people think that white hair is too old, so they dye their hair to make their image look good. Young again. This is nothing, dyeing hair is also the psychological and external needs of people, but the problem is that many people often dye hair, and can not help, addictive, when their hair is white, it will be dyed. We all know that hair whitening is inevitable, and hair dyeing is only a remedy, but hair dyes contain a lot of chemicals, because hair dye can only be achieved through chemicals. In the hair dye, it is inevitable that it contains some substances harmful to the body, which not only makes the skin allergic, but also makes it easy for the harmful substances to invade the body in the long-term use, which is harmful to the health of the body. Therefore, less hair dyeing is good for your health and is good for your health and longevity.

2, less entertainment

Many people nowadays often work because of their work, eating big fish and meat when they are socializing, drinking too much alcohol, putting the body Eat it. When people are 45 years old, their careers are at their peak, and it is inevitable that they will participate in various entertainments. However, after the age of 45, the speed of physical aging is accelerating. It is also like the former, and the body will be unable to eat, which may lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, alcoholic liver and other diseases. People often say that this is work, there is no way. This is actually an excuse. After many people are found to have got sick from the body, there will be less entertainment. After all, everyone knows that physical health is more important than career. Therefore, after 45 years old, you should participate less in entertainment, and maintain your health. Longevity will be “quietly” close to you.

3, less nights

After the age of 45, the body is gradually worse than before, not as strong as before. . Many people find that after staying up late, they can’t recover as fast as before. It usually takes 2~3 days to ease it, and staying up late will affect the quality of sleep. Because after 45 years old, it can’t sleep like young, it is easy. insomnia. When I was young, I worked overtime and stayed up late. Although I didn’t advocate it, my health was not a big problem. But after 45 years old, no matter how good you feel, staying up late is best not to have a long night, it is easy to accelerate the body aging, increase the risk of disease, and bring health risks to the future, which is not conducive to the health and longevity of the body. Therefore, after 45 years old, stay up late, it is best not to stay up late, develop the habit of going to bed early and get up early, health and longevity will “sneak” close to you.

4, less smoking

Smoking is a commonplace, and smoking is estimated to be the most unbearable thing for people to do. People are either controlled by cravings or find reasons to say that there are many people who live long-lived smoking, and even the paradox that smoking can fight disease and fight cancer. Everyone knows the harm of smoking to the body, but they don’t want to admit it. People who smoke longevity are good in their health, good habits, good genes, or not smoking can live longer or not. As for smoking, they can resist Disease-resistant cancer is a ghost, it is a reason for some people to find their own smoking, a psychological comfort, there is no scientific basis. After the age of 45, people’s physical function is degraded, organs are aging, the body’s ability to emit tobacco poisoning is reduced, and the body’s immunity is gradually declining. If you continue to smoke, or even smoke more, it is tantamount to chronic suicide. Therefore, after 45 years old, you should smoke less. It is best to quit smoking and not smoke, so that health and longevity will “sneak” close to you.



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