Reminder: People with high blood sugar, these 7 kinds of food, like to eat and try to eat less, don’t ignore

Hyperglycemia is a very common chronic disease, and it is called “three highs” with high blood pressure and high blood fat. If the blood sugar is not well controlled, it will cause a variety of diseases, the most common is diabetes. Diabetes is familiar to many of us. Even if you don’t have diabetes, I believe there are many people with diabetes around you. Diabetes itself is not terrible, but the complications it causes can seriously affect the quality of life of patients and even lead to death. Therefore, with high blood sugar, we must strictly control blood sugar, so that it can return to normal, especially in the diet. Here I will introduce some foods. It is easy to cause blood sugar to rise when eating more. Let’s hurry to understand.

Reminder: People with high blood sugar, these 7 kinds of food, like to eat and try to eat less, don’t ignore it

1, red dates

The benefits of red dates are many and are common tonics. However, red dates contain a lot of sugar. For patients with high blood sugar, they must avoid red dates.

2, 糯米

The rice we eat often is carbohydrates. After ingestion, it undergoes chemical decomposition and eventually produces a large amount of glucose. However, glutinous rice has higher sugar content than ordinary rice. For patients with hyperglycemia, the metabolism of sugar itself is not normal. If you eat more glutinous rice, it is not worse than snow. Therefore, patients with hyperglycemia should not eat glutinous rice.

3, sugar cane

Everyone knows that sugar cane is used to extract sugar, like the white sugar we usually eat, it is sugar cane. The product has a high sugar content. Therefore, patients with hyperglycemia should try to eat less sugar cane. If you really want to eat it, you can eat it in small amount under the premise of good blood sugar control. However, after eating, you should reduce the intake of sugar on the staple food.

4, honey

The benefits of honey are many, it can inhibit bacteria and detoxification, relieve constipation, beauty skin care, etc., but the sugar content of honey is also Very high, and the sugar in honey is easily absorbed directly by the human body. For patients with hyperglycemia, eating more honey is extremely unfavorable to the condition. Therefore, people with high blood sugar should try to eat less honey.

5, pepper

Although the sugar is not high in sugar, but the pepper is more likely to get angry, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, physically Fire yin is very unfavorable for controlling blood sugar. Therefore, patients with high blood sugar should avoid eating pepper.

6, popcorn

Popcorn is a snack food that many people love, but it is not suitable for patients with hyperglycemia. Because popcorn is a starchy food, coupled with high temperature baking, its sugar content is high, and the nutritional value is not high. Therefore, patients with hyperglycemia should also avoid eating such foods as popcorn.

7, white wine

Liquor will raise blood sugar, which is due to a glass of white wine (about 148 ml) containing 120 calories. The heat is very high, and the toxic component of methanol, methanol, can directly damage the peripheral nerves and aggravate the damage of peripheral nerves in patients with hyperglycemia. Therefore, for patients with hyperglycemia, try to drink as little as possible.

The above are foods that are not suitable for patients with hyperglycemia. So how do you adjust your diet for people with high blood sugar? Next, I will continue to introduce it.

1, you can eat some high-fiber foods in moderation

Cellulose is a polysaccharide that cannot be digested and absorbed by the body, so patients with hyperglycemia You can eat high-fiber foods in moderation, which can reduce postprandial blood sugar, reduce insulin dosage, and lower blood fat. It also helps digestion and prevents constipation.

2, cooking oil for patients with hyperglycemia is better with vegetable oil

The vegetable oil helps prevent blood thickening and elevated blood lipids For the prevention of cardiovascular disease caused by hyperglycemia, do not eat too much, so as not to increase body fat.

3, you can eat more beans and soy products

This is because the nutrients contained in it are beneficial to patients with hyperglycemia.

4, high blood sugar patients can eat some low-calorie vegetables, such as tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, rape, bean sprouts, eggplant, leeks and so on.



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