Surgeon Insights: How to Choose Surgery and Chemotherapy

Why do we see more patients with direct surgery, and there are relatively few patients undergoing radiation therapy before or during surgery? The reason is that the doctor is a factor and the patient’s family is also a cause.

Some surgeons believe that only surgery is the basis for the treatment of tumors, plus some radiotherapy is not a big effect, so as long as the tumor can be removed, the patient should be operated first, and then consider radiotherapy after surgery. At the same time, the first complications of radiotherapy and reoperation are relatively increased, and it is easy to bleed during surgery, which increases the difficulty of surgery. If complications occur, the responsibility must be the surgeon’s. Under the guidance of this idea, surgery can be performed first. Although most of the tumors are still treated with surgery, it is a well-established treatment for advanced tumors to improve surgical resection rate and survival. As for the reasons for the patient’s family, it is always believed that the tumor in the body should be removed first, so that you can rest assured. If radiation therapy is used first, what happens when the tumor grows up during radiation therapy, etc., which leads to more direct surgery. This is one of the reasons why some tumors should be treated with radiation before surgery without radiation therapy.

The main contradiction of preoperative radiotherapy is that it is easy to bleed and have complications after radiotherapy. Common changes include: changes in blood images, white blood cells and platelets during radiotherapy. Will decline, causing the patient’s immune function to decline. As mentioned earlier, when the radiation dose reaches the maximum, the cancer cells are killed most, and at this time the normal tissues are also damaged. In the irradiated area, the skin may be peeled off, and the neck tumor may cause sore throat when it is irradiated, and it is difficult to eat for a while; in the chest radiotherapy, radiotherapy such as lung cancer, breast cancer, and esophageal cancer may cause radiation pneumonitis or pulmonary fibrosis; Radiotherapy of cancer can also cause radiation esophagitis and oral ulcers; radiotherapy for rectal cancer can cause radiation proctitis, accompanied by urgency and heavy bloody stools; radiation therapy for bladder cancer may produce cystitis, frequent urination, back pain and so on.

During radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the patient’s body will produce significant side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and a sharp drop in white blood cells and platelets. The situation will continue to cause the body’s immunity to decline. Doctors recommend that in addition to drug intervention for different side effects, in daily life conditioning, diet, life regulation and Chinese medicine can also help to improve symptoms and improve immunity. I am fortunate to have the effect of improving immunity. Taking it during radiotherapy and chemotherapy can improve the body and reduce the possibility of infection. Combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the patient’s body will recover as soon as possible.

Only the correct use of radiation therapy can bring good news to patients. In recent years, the equipment and technology of radiation therapy have developed quite rapidly, and the design of the positioning and dosage of the radiation has been gradually improved, and the damage to the human body has been gradually reduced to a minimum. However, in the specific treatment, it is still necessary to improve the sense of responsibility of the doctor. For example, only a good design dose and the irradiation area are not enough, and the responsibility of the operator is very important. No matter how good the plan is to be implemented by people, it is necessary to carry out the positioning operation treatment with meticulous attitude. This is an important part of the correct implementation of the medical plan, that is to say, the “quasi” of killing cancer cells is operated by here. “Quasi” to concretely reflect. Radiation therapy is a multi-link treatment (doctor design dose, simulation positioning, technician operation, etc.), and it is necessary to have the idea of ​​cooperating with each other in order to facilitate the treatment of patients.

Surgeons should have a comprehensive treatment idea and actively cooperate with the radiology department. In order to improve the survival of patients with cancer and improve their quality of life, it is necessary to change the singles and surgery to replace radiation therapy. way of doing.



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