“Tender” actress! Lin Xinru and Zhou Xun will stop, the last one can’t stand it!

We all know that there is a status quo in the entertainment industry. It is cruel to some actors and does not allow actors to go old. For example, many actresses in reality are obviously old, but It is also necessary to force the girl in the TV series, and it also makes many audiences unable to stand up. It is too distasteful. Then let’s take a look at the actresses who are forcibly loaded in the entertainment industry.

First place: Zhou Xun, when it comes to Zhou Xun, everyone is very familiar with it. When it comes to Zhou Xun’s acting skills, everyone is full of praise for her. She played a lot of classic characters, and Zhou Xun’s voice is very magnetic. She also played a girl in “Red Sorghum”. At that time, she did not see some sense of violation.

But in the TV series “Rugao Biography”, the sense of violation is particularly strong, especially Zhou Xun’s voice, especially for people to play, many netizens said: This is the first time that Zhou Xun is ugly. Some netizens suggested that it would be better to start shooting directly after marrying the emperor. In the juvenile period, the sense of violation is particularly strong.

Second place: Lin Xinru. The audience used to like Lin Xinru. The Ziwei in her “Huanzhugege” is also the best Ziwei in the audience’s mind, but Lin Xinru has never had a big breakthrough. The characters played are many girls, and then some Small fresh meat falls in love, such as “My Boy” and “16 Summers, etc.”

third place: Liu Xiaoqing, she is recognized as an old goddess in the entertainment circle. However, the “not goddess” is just a compliment. It is not that she really does not grow old. I don’t know if you still remember “Song Tang Heroes 3”? Liu Xiaoqing starred in a TV series as a young girl princess, and she talked with the emperor about love. Many viewers couldn’t stand it. When they saw Liu Xiaoqing’s face, they couldn’t help but change the stage. It wasn’t that they hated Liu Xiaoqing. The main reason was that when she and her young actor were together, I couldn’t look straight. Most of the older actresses with Liu Xiaoqing, nowadays, are mostly playing the role of mother-in-law in the TV series. Liu Xiaoqing never accepts the old, and will never play the role of mother-in-law.

The entertainment circle is too cruel to these actresses. After a certain age, they can only play the role of some mother-in-law. I remember that after the appearance of “Peace Hotel”, Chen said that she was very grateful to be able to meet the TV series “Peace Hotel” because she avoided her role as a mother.

I don’t know if you have found the status quo of Chinese TV dramas. No matter what the TV dramas of the theme, there will always be no love scenes, and the love scenes will account for the majority. I hope Chinese writers will also Can be a bit creative, the TV series that the audience loves to watch is not all love dramas. It is not necessary to let the male and female protagonists cherish me. I don’t know what you think about this thing? Dress up the actress! Lin Xinru and Zhou Xun will stop, the last one can’t stand it!



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