The 5 big health methods are actually wrong! Doing so will only hurt your health!

With the advent of the era of comprehensive well-off, the health of the people has been higher. From the “empty nest elderly” after the 90s to the true middle-aged and elderly people, they all pay great attention to health.

But ordinary people should learn to distinguish all kinds of methods on the Internet, and avoid being in public, so as to avoid mistakes in health and damage.

These health habits can harm your health

1. Comb 100 times a day


Many magazines or beauty shows teach you to comb your hair 100 times a day to achieve hairdressing results. However, excessive combing will stimulate the sebaceous glands on the scalp, especially those with oily hair, and it is better to comb the hair.

If it is a long hair with dry hair, it is more suitable for multiple hair combs. However, it is best to use a comb made of natural bristles, which is less likely to hurt the scalp.

2. Long-term drinking with Chinese medicine

If you drink too much water, you may also be “water poisoned”. Whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it is not recommended that you use drugs yourself and eat it for a long time to prevent liver damage. It is not an empty slogan to find a doctor if you are sick.

3.Insulating cups of tea

If the tea is soaked in a thermos cup for a long time, it is easy to damage the vitamins in the tea and make the tannic acid A large amount of components such as theophylline ooze out.

In addition, some ingredients in tea react chemically with metal coatings, and long-term intake can be harmful to humans. In addition, the tea that is soaked in the thermos cup may also exceed the standard.

4. Natural is the best

Someone said that since it is a three-point drug, I will eat pure natural food. / Health care products are good.

In fact, we should be clear about two points. First, it is right to eat less processed foods, but natural ones are not necessarily the best. Natural aloe vera can cause diarrhea, untreated. Day lily may poison the human stomach. Second, as long as the chemical structure is the same, the effect of the drug quasi-word vitamins, calcium tablets, etc. is not worse than the health care products.

5. Clearing the intestines and poisoning

No matter whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine, the word “sudden” is denied. Blindly eating some medicines that promote bowel movements may cause problems such as diarrhea, and even develop dependence, and it is difficult to defecate spontaneously.

To develop five good health habits on a daily basis

Sit and raise your gods

Sit in peace It can calm people’s minds, eliminate boredom, and have a good effect of eliminating disease and prolonging the years. Sitting posture can be determined according to people’s habits and physical conditions, such as sitting, sitting, sitting, etc., but the time of each sitting should not be too long.

Establishing bones

Properly standing can cause short and rapid contraction of skeletal muscles, stimulate human metabolism, and unblock accordingly Meridian. Proper standing can also make the blood flow down, which is conducive to the proper rest of the brain and make the whole body comfortable.

Let’s stay in the air

The general position is to lie on the right side and the legs are slightly curved. Because the legs are slightly bent and the spine is bent forward, the whole body can be naturally relaxed. At this time, the heart is not pressed, which is beneficial to digestion and absorption.

Through the line to raise the muscles

Indefinitely walk and walk, the body joints and muscles can get moderate exercise, and the body’s metabolism will be good. The promotion effect can improve the body’s disease resistance.

Generally speaking, the older you are, the slower you should walk, the shorter the duration should be, but you should always walk around every day.

Looking at nourishing blood

Looking at useful books, TV shows, and viewing landscapes can make people happy and healthy Blood biochemistry is also full, which is the reason for “seeing nourishing blood”. However, “long-term vision is a bloody injury”, we must pay attention to mastering the scale.

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