The baby does not eat, the parents turn around – anorexia massage to do this

Children’s anorexia

Aversion is a condition in which children do not want to eat or even refuse to eat for a long time. The disease is mentally exhausted, weight loss, and disease resistance decline, affecting the growth and development of children, so it should be treated in time. The disease is issued in children aged 1 to 6 years old.

Because of the unreasonable diet, improper feeding, such as one-sided emphasis on giving high-nutrient nourishing food, develop a partial eclipse habit. Or he was injured by the spleen and stomach, and failed to adjust in time, resulting in damage to the spleen and stomach. The spleen is transported to the main body, the stomach is accepted, and the spleen is transported and derelict.

Tuina for children with anorexia

1, 3 minutes for seesaw door

Location: Located in the middle of the palm of the hand.

Manipulation: Fix the child with one hand The palm of your hand, then use your thumb to lick your child’s big fish and become a seesaw door or a door.

Function: spleen and stomach, digestion and stagnation, mostly used to prevent food, bloating, loss of appetite.

2, gossip within 5 minutes

Location: The inner gossip is located on the palm of the hand, with the palm as the center. From the center of the circle, the 2/3 and the outer 1/3 of the horizontal line are the radius, and the circle is drawn.

Manipulation: From the palace, from the palace, clockwise, repeated operations.

The role: the shape of food, often used in the loss of appetite and other diseases.

3, 3 minutes in the middle of the hole

Location: The middle acupoint is located in the upper abdomen, the lower sternum and The midpoint of the navel connector (4 inches above the umbilicus).

Manipulation: Take three fingers of food, middle and no name, and shake the sputum in the 4-inch position above the navel of the child, repeating about 30–50 times.

Role: diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, stomach pain, food, loss of appetite, etc.

4, push small stripes for 3 minutes

Location: In the palm of the hand, the middle, the ring, the little finger palm knuckle joints.

Manipulation: with a thumb nail, called a small horizontal stripes; thumb side push, said to push small horizontal stripes.

The role: open the chest and stagnation, phlegm.

5. Clear water for 3 minutes

Location: Tianhe The water is located in the middle of the forearm and the main rib to the Hongchi (Quze) in a straight line.

Manipulation: Hold the child’s wrist with one hand and push the palm of his hand upwards. Then use the middle finger and index finger to push the child’s wrist stripes to the elbow stripes. -500 times, the direction of pushing must be from wrist to elbow, not reversed!

Function: clearing the heat, clearing the fire and removing the trouble

6, pressing the foot for three minutes 2-3 minutes >

Location: Zusanli is located in the anterolateral aspect of the calf, 3 inches below the outer knee, and a lateral middle finger on the lateral front of the tibia.

Manipulation: Press the thumb and press the button 30-50 times.

Function: spleen and stomach, regulating qi, diarrhea and laxative, mostly used to prevent abdominal distension, constipation, vomiting and diarrhea.

Tuina essentials

1, one day massage, massage recommended to be a child’s left hand, gentle massage, available The talcum powder is the medium.

2, the age of the child is different, the number of massages at the same time in the group will be different.

3. Stay in the morning and evening for 5 minutes every day. Long-term persistence will change the spleen and stomach of children.

Ps: If you have tried all the above methods, please go to an experienced pediatric massager or regular hospital for treatment. Don’t be at home to delay your child’s illness.


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