The best anti-cancer drugs, the best longevity drugs… the best way to keep health, not to spend a penny

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National famous Chinese medicine doctor Huang Zhengde

Xia Gongxu, deputy director of the Department of Untreated Diseases, Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Chiropractor, Department of Neurology, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital Li Rui

There is a small problem in the body. I always pin my hopes on taking medicine, but I never want to change my living habits.

In fact, many health care “medicines” are more cost-effective than taking medicine after illness, and there is no side effect. The important thing is that you don’t have to spend a penny!

The best anti-cancer “drug”: Walk

“Walking can be seen as a special cure for cancer!” British Charity Walker The association and Macmillan Cancer Aid have jointly pointed out that if you can walk for 1 mile every day and finish in 20 minutes, it will have obvious benefits for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer and intestinal cancer, and can reduce the risk of death by up to 50%.

So walking is a good way to prevent cancer!

The best longevity “medicine”: Laughing

Want to live longer, eat ginseng antler? Not as good as an action. The Spanish magazine published an article saying that smiles are healthier. Laughter can speed up the heart rate and supply oxygen to the brain.

Risa Rosenberg, a researcher at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, said that laughter is an aerobic exercise. In addition, the health of laughter is to accelerate the heart rate and supply oxygen to the brain. People with a sense of humor have a healthier immune mechanism, the risk of myocardial infarction is reduced by about 40%, and the average life expectancy can be increased by four and a half years.

The best heart care “medicine”: plate sitting

National famous old Chinese medicine, Huang Zhengde, the first affiliated hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine According to the professor, sitting can enhance heart function and promote blood circulation. After sitting for a while, you will find that your thoughts will slow down. You can help older friends calm their emotions and ease their mood. When you can’t sleep, you can sit cross-legged and meditate.

In addition, cross-legged is also good for preventing and treating joint pain, and it can also make the respiratory system unobstructed, which is very helpful for smooth breathing.

The best beauty “medicine”: sleep

This is much better than those expensive and scary cosmetics.

Studies have shown that the most active metabolism of human epidermal cells is from 22:00 to 2 am the next day. Experts explained that this is the best time for “beauty sensation” that we often say. If we can ensure good sleep during this time, we can speed up skin metabolism and delay skin aging. Conversely, day and night can affect the rate of cell regeneration, shorten the life of skin cells, and cause skin aging.

Be sure to remember to sleep before 23 o’clock.

The best anti-dementia “medicine”: diligent reading

A number of studies have shown that good education can significantly reduce the incidence of future dementia risk. Therefore, good education from childhood can help prevent dementia in the future.

If older people also maintain the habit of learning, they can greatly protect their cognitive function. Therefore, reading more books and reading newspapers, trying to remember some new things or new knowledge every day, so that the brain is always in the state of exercise and learning, is the best way to prevent dementia.

The best calcium supplement “medicine”: sunbathing

Sun exposure is a good way to make calcium. Sun exposure can help the body get vitamin D, and vitamin D can help the body absorb calcium.

These are very “cheap” regimens

Some don’t even need to spend one Divide money

Take time to act

Health is the most important!

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