The blood is smooth and the disease is not healthy, the body is healthy and healthy, who stole your blood

People should have qi and blood. In the end, it is better to have spleen and stomach function, because only the spleen and stomach can absorb the blood. How can I get spleen and stomach? Some people say that they take medicine for spleen. But if the medicine can spleen, it would be too simple, just take medicine. In fact, the best medicine for spleen and stomach is exercise.

The spleen muscles, muscles have a lack of consumption, the spleen and stomach function will grow, this is the natural action of the human body, the external force of the drug is not such a large effect. Accurately speaking, moderate exercise. Excessive exercise can be counterproductive, and sweating will consume blood. The best state of exercise is to exercise and sweat to the body. In addition, morning exercise is better than afternoon. Because in the morning, the human body is doing yang, conforming to its hair growth; in the afternoon, the yin, the main quiet, quiet, the blood is stored.

Emotions will consume qi and blood

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the first thing that consumes the most blood and blood is the emotion. We are eager to think, to think about it, to worry, to be angry, to worry, to consume blood. The problem with modern people is that the brain is overused. We all know that the people who practiced the Taoism are sick and lively. Have you seen the practitioners eating chicken, duck and fish? Not only do not eat, monks are vegetarian, Taoist priests, from this point can be counter-evidence, the world relies on tonic to eat nutrition to grow blood is lost. What does the practitioner repair? It is the heart that is repaired. Their method is the meditation method. The six are clean and free from the dust. In the end, it is a reduction. Overnutrition also steals qi and blood

Ingestion of more nutrients than the body needs, the body will remove these nutrient waste. It takes a lot of effort to get in the same thing, and it takes a lot of effort to move away from the same thing. The garbage in life needs to be intensively burned, and most of the human body’s fire is also the burning of nutritious garbage. Some people will say that after I have eaten the meat, I have a strong spirit and a strong spirit. In fact, this kind of energy may just be topped by a virtual fire, tonic every day, to check the body, to find out more of a disease, but also a lot of qi and blood deficiency. In the clinic, if the patient’s pulse is qi and blood deficiency, the spirit is very prosperous, we call it the inverse disease, such a disease is not easy to cure; if it is a feeling of bad spirit, want to sleep, such a disease is smooth Good governance. The ancient Chinese medicine qi and blood are not the first to make up the tonic, it is to adjust the balance of the cycle, the balance of yin and yang, the circulation is smooth and the blood will grow. Many people say that they feel tired after eating the medicine. I want to sleep. I said that if you want to sleep, you will sleep. This is the reaction of people with qi and blood deficiency. It means that the human body has returned to the state of storage, and the blood and blood are still dry and annoying. This is broken, but there are many people like this now.

Another reason for consuming our blood is the fast-paced life. Now that everything is fast, people are speaking faster and faster, vehicles are getting faster and faster, and the rhythm of movies is getting faster and faster. The human trend is destined to be faster and faster, because tools are developing and technology is developing, but can our bodies keep up? Can our qi and blood function keep up? Therefore, you should let yourself calm down and slow down. This is a state of accumulating energy, so that you can raise your blood. The pursuit of stimulation is also consuming blood. What is stimulation? It is to instantly ignite energy and excite yourself. For example, like eating spicy, playing mahjong, playing games, stocking stocks, drinks and drinking ice, these practices are daily stimulating behaviors, greatly overstretching the vitality of human body inventory. Staying up late is the main cause of consuming blood. This everyone listened a lot, because the main yin at night, the main sun during the day. Blood is yin, when the night is nourishing, you don’t sleep, how can you not lose blood? Bathing at night is very consuming.


Qi deficiency refers to the fatigue of the human beings, the lack of strength, the feeling of fatigue when working a little, the body’s resistance to disease and immunity The function is lower. Mainly manifested as low voice lazy words, poor appetite and less food, pale tongue, white fur, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, weak pulse, severe sweat, cold limbs, dizziness, weak pulse. Severe qi deficiency can be manifested as gas stagnation, abdominal swelling or back pain, accompanied by rectal prolapse, uterine ptosis or other visceral sagging. Commonly used qi foods are chestnuts, glutinous rice, water chestnuts, loach, mushrooms, tofu, potatoes, beef, chicken, sharks, carrots, yellow croaker, etc. These foods can all be spleen and qi.


Blood deficiency refers to the appearance of dullness, unclear vision, numbness of the limbs, and skin due to hypovolemia or lack of blood. Pathological changes such as drying. Mainly manifested as pale or pale lips, dizziness, chlorosis, palpitations, insomnia, numbness of hands and feet, weak pulse, menstrual disorders. Commonly used blood foods are pig heart, pig liver, longan meat, peanuts, spinach, lotus seeds, honey, asparagus, black-bone chicken, black fungus, red dates, enoki mushroom, etc. These foods are used for blood and nourishing blood. Both qi and blood double qi and blood deficiency usually appear in patients with leukopenia, anemia, women’s menorrhagia, thrombocytopenia and major bleeding, both qi deficiency and blood deficiency. It is suitable to use tonifying qi and blood, replenishing qi and blood, and tonifying blood.



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