The body issued 5 warnings indicating that liver cancer is coming, but many people miss it again and again.

The competitive pressures of modern society are very large. In order to get more, you have to pay more, so many young people have started the day and night mode. Staying up late is a very physical injury, especially for the liver. The liver is an organ with no nerve distribution, and there is no pain. Therefore, liver disease is generally found to be late, and cancer may be more likely. Although the liver is unresponsive, it can still be seen whether it is cancerous.

The body issued 5 warnings indicating that liver cancer is coming, but many people miss it again and again

1, fatigue

Normal fatigue can be alleviated after a break, but the fatigue caused by liver cancer is not relieved by rest, and generally does not know the reason. When this symptom occurs, you need to consider the liver problem. It may be that the liver cells are damaged, the toxins cannot be discharged, and at the same time, malnutrition is caused, which causes fatigue fatigue.

2, long-term cough unhealed

Long-term cough does not heal, most people think that there is a problem with the lungs, if the treatment is not relieved , then you should pay attention, it is likely to be the early performance of liver cancer. Because the liver’s tumor will stimulate the diaphragm when it expands, and it will also press into the lungs, causing discomfort in the lungs and causing coughing.

3, lower extremity edema

Lower extremity edema, in addition to kidney problems, liver cancer will also have this symptom, lower extremity edema. When the symptoms are mild, edema will appear in the ankle, and if it develops further, it will spread to the entire lower limb when it is severe to a certain extent.

When the lower extremity is highly edematous, the water will seep out from the thigh skin. One of the main reasons why liver cancer patients have lower extremity edema is that the liver ascites will compress the veins or thrombus of the lower extremities, causing venous return to be blocked, causing edema, which is most likely to occur in the lower extremities.

4, face color yellow

Liver is wood, if the liver is too much, there will be a yellowing of the face, liver qi stagnation. At the same time, when the liver suffers from serious diseases, it will lead to liver dysfunction, severe liver qi stagnation, and the body will secrete more bilirubin. When bilirubin enters the bloodstream, it affects the person’s face and looks yellow.

5, nails have black lines

Hepatic main tendons, Chinese medicine believes that the liver of the nails continues. Changes in nails can reflect whether the liver is healthy. If there is a black line on the nail, you have to pay attention, because the nail appears in this pattern, the lighter indicates that the liver is lost, the qi stagnation and blood stasis, the blood is insufficient, and the severe one is the emergence of liver cancer. Statistics show that most patients with liver cancer will have black nails.



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