The kidneys are not good, these three kinds of foods should be eaten more, and later! Li Shizhen can’t save you!

The original title: The kidney is not good, these three kinds of food should be eaten more, then late! Li Shizhen can’t save you!

All said that “ten men are nine virtual”, any man is not willing to hear the word “kidney deficiency”, when the words of kidney is not good, kidney is wrong, you can’t, etc. , will show a heart tremble, because the health of the kidney is not only related to the health of the man’s body is more related to the man’s face and dignity, then how can men’s kidneys not be replenished in their daily lives?

The kidneys are not good, these three kinds of foods should be eaten more, then late! Li Shizhen can’t save you!

Food 1: ginseng tea

Material: 2 grams of yang ginseng, 10 capsules, 2 grams of Cistanche, three ingredients Warm water soak for 5 minutes to drink.

Function: Solve problems such as male kidney deficiency, premature ejaculation, weak waist and knees, frequent urination and hair loss, which can help males to secrete androgen. It is very important to improve the quality and activity of sperm and strengthen the role of the kidneys. Without any side effects, men, women and children can drink.

Food 2: 枸杞

枸杞 is known as the “kidney fruit” and is one of the most common kidney-reinforcing ingredients in our daily life. The sputum polysaccharides and other substances have a protective effect on the reproductive system, especially to promote the secretion of sex hormones, but also to treat infertility in women, to treat symptoms such as male sperm deficiencies and insufficient sperm motility, moderate consumption, and strong qi Fine, nourishing liver and kidney.

Practice: 30 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of wolfberry, the right amount of crystal sugar. Soak the white fungus, cut it, and put it into the pot together with the wolfberry. Add some water and cook for about 1 hour on low heat until the white fungus is cooked. Transfer the sugar into the sauce.

Food 3: Dodders

Cervus is mainly grown in southern China, also known as Tusizi, without root vines. Its sweet, mild, non-toxic, liver, kidney, spleen, is a gentle Chinese herbal medicine.

Practice: 20 grams of medlar and medlar, 75g of glutinous rice, and the amount of sugar. Wash the dodder, mash it, put it into the pot, add the appropriate amount of water, get angry, simmer on low heat, remove the juice from the slag; remove the impurities from the medlar and glutinous rice, and wash. Put the medicinal juice into the pot and put it on the fire. Add the scorpion and glutinous rice into a thin porridge. Add the sugar and cook it. 1 time a day.



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