The most classic 15 fat-reducing muscles, come to a set

The following fifteen actions are sorted out by Fitness Jun combined with fitness experience. The most classic effective fat reduction and muscle training exercises, perhaps many of you have already seen and practiced, but It is this that proves that only the classics can stand the test.

1, pushup push-ups – tried classics

2, pull up pull up

3. Plank support – a classic again


5, glute bridge hip bridge

6 inverted roll Falling down

7 close-grip pushup narrow grip push-ups

8 star plank star tablet support

9, burpee push-ups up and down

10, dip sinking

11, bulgarian split squat Bulgarian leg 蹲

12,suspended pushup suspension formula 卧撑

13, prone back extension prone back stretch

14, pike pushup Parker push-ups

15, swiss ball rollout Swiss push ball



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