The real murder hidden behind the children’s autumn diarrhea is actually it! Do this 5 points easily away from it!

10-11 months, in the month of autumn diarrhea in children, many parents may mistakenly think that children’s autumn diarrhea is the child’s ordinary diarrhea, often taking some conventional treatments, the result is anxious parents to jump straight, The child’s body is not getting better. How to do this is good, today we will talk about the treatment and prevention of “children’s autumn diarrhea”.

| What is the difference between diarrhea in autumn and general diarrhea?

Autumn diarrhea is a common pediatric disease in autumn and winter, mostly by round It is also caused by viral infection and is therefore called “rotavirus enteritis”. Rotavirus is a virus that causes severe acute diarrhoea in children worldwide and is the leading cause of death in children in developing countries.

Children’s autumn diarrhea occurs mostly in infants between 6 and 24 weeks. The incubation period of this disease is 1-3 days, and the general course of disease is 5-7 days. There are three major clinical features, namely, cold, vomiting and diarrhea.

Ordinary diarrhea in children is usually caused by factors such as bacteria, fungi, parasites or improper feeding. The onset time is not fixed in autumn and winter. More often showed loss of appetite, occasional galactorrhea or vomiting, stool mixed with milk flaps or mucus, stool caused by indigestion usually has acid odor. Infants with diarrhea caused by bacteria are effective in taking anti-inflammatory drugs, but taking anti-inflammatory drugs due to improper feeding, indigestion or diarrhea caused by viruses is not effective.

| How to treat children’s autumn diarrhea

Correct dehydration and maintain water and electrolyte balance

Tonga salt solution: rice soup 500ml + fine salt 1.75g, first give 20 ~ 40ml / kg, a small amount of oral administration, served within 4 hours, after oral administration at any time, how much can be given.

Sugar Saline: 500ml of boiled water + 10g of sucrose + 1.75g ​​of fine salt, the dosage form is the same as above.

Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) solution.

Strict disinfection and isolation to prevent infection

Isolation by intestinal infectious diseases, such as parents to do bedside isolation; Wash your hands carefully to prevent cross-infection.

Bottles and tableware for children should be thoroughly disinfected and generally required to be boiled for 30 minutes.

Adjusting Diet

According to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding children with diarrhea should continue breastfeeding and should not be weaned suddenly.

Give fluid or semi-liquid foods such as porridge and noodles after the number of diarrhea is reduced. A small amount of meals, as the condition is stable and improved, and then gradually transition to a normal diet.

Strengthening hip skin care

Due to the increased number of stools in children, it is easy to cause redness or ulceration in the buttocks. It is necessary to strengthen the inspection and the children should use Cotton diapers, wash and change frequently.

The baby should be washed with warm water every time after the stool to prevent diaper rash and secondary infection.

Keep an eye on the child’s condition

Observe the number, color, and amount of stool in the child.

Observing dehydration performance: When mildly dehydrated, the child showed a slightly worse mentality, a slightly pale complexion, a slightly dry skin but good elasticity, a slight depression in the eye socket, and slightly less urine than usual; During moderate dehydration, the child manifested as apathetic or paroxysmal irritability, dry and loose skin elasticity, poorly sagged frontal door and eye socket, dry lips and oral mucosa, reduced urination, and cold extremities.

Observe the changes in body temperature, give physical or drug cooling when high fever, keep warm water bags when the limbs are cold

| How to stay away from childhood diarrhea

Train children’s good hygiene habits, such as washing hands before and after meals, and cutting nails.

Pay attention to the freshness of the food and the cleanliness of the dishes to avoid infection in the intestines of children.

Take breastfeeding and add food supplements step by step.

Choose the right weaning time to avoid weaning in the summer.

Strengthen the nutrition and physique of children, avoid long-term abuse of antibiotics, and cause intestinal flora imbalance.



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