The rescue of the heart of the pill can be fatal, and a good heart can reach out!

Today I went to the cardiovascular director to help my father prescribe medicine, passing the clinic, and seeing the door: “Saving the heart pills according to the situation.” When the inner doubts just passed the waiting area, the display kept on The old news is about the sublingual nitroglycerin.

In the consultation room, I quietly asked the director why I would like to post such a reminder. The cardiovascular director lamented: “Now no matter what disease, patients and family members are asking for a bottle of quick-acting rescue pills. As a cardiovascular doctor, he has been trying his best to explain that not all diseases can be prescribed or even rejected, but the abuse of nitroglycerin is becoming more and more serious.”

“Does such a patient have so much?” I asked the director.

“Every clinic has encountered. Whether it is dizziness, headache, chest tightness, palpitations, all of them are indiscriminately taken with nitroglycerin. The patient has been breathing a few days ago. The episode contains sublingual, and the blood pressure suddenly drops to the ground, so there is one more diagnosis: head laceration.”

The most absurd thing is that someone can’t sleep at night, they are whimsical. There are several pieces under the continuous tongue, and it has been shocked when it is sent to the emergency department. The director sighed: “It is really wrong to treat the heart-saving pill as a maintenance sacred product or a life-saving elixir.”

There is no universal spirit in the world, each All kinds of medicines have their indications, contraindications and side effects. Although the sublingual nitroglycerin is called Shuxin Pill, this medicine can only be used in some patients with angina pectoris. For the condition of arrhythmia and heart failure, nitration is used rashly. Glycerol sublingual tablets are harmful. Moreover, the diagnosis of angina is not as simple as it is. Chest tightness, chest pain, and breathlessness are not necessarily angina. Even the real cause may have nothing to do with the heart.

The patient abuses the sublingual substance by himself. The most terrible thing is that many family members, friends or passers-by will immediately rush out to save the heart when they see someone uncomfortable. For the patient. The director said: “I have been a cardiovascular doctor for so many years, every time I use the nitroglycerin sublingual content to be cautious. I really don’t understand why some people read some reports, articles, ignorant of pharmacological effects, even how to diagnose I don’t know, I dare to administer it easily.” In the face of heart disease, cardiovascular doctors are fearful and fearful, and they will never give up a sublingual nitroglycerin.

Remind everyone, don’t treat sent a heart-saving pill as a good deed, misuse of the sublingual nitroglycerin is likely to cause irreparable serious damage to the patient. Not only can’t save people, I am afraid I still have to bear relevant legal responsibilities. Treating a disease and saving lives is not a family. If you know a little about it, you will definitely harm others.



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