The training direction of the core strength is not in place, and the practice is a bit of nothing!

As a senior fitness enthusiast, I believe that you are familiar with the strength training in fitness. Why do you say that? Because although fitness is a movement involving all parts of the body, but from the two aspects of shaping and core strength can be subdivided into strength training. The exercises that we usually see in the gym, whether it’s a barbell or some very cool looking instruments, can be summed up in strength exercises. These are some of them.

But some of the brothers who just joined the fitness ranks, which we often say, have not been familiar with this content, because their impression of fitness is a very simple behavior. Either push-ups or sit-ups will not involve anything related to the use of the device. Although we can’t say that the understanding of these friends is completely wrong, it still differs from our overall fitness in the full sense.

We often exercise or see a friend who is not exercising in general. The body is more harmonious, not only in the proportion of muscles, but also in body fat. Very high. But few people will pay attention to the effectiveness of core strength. But this is a common misunderstanding. Under normal circumstances, if exercise and fitness have indicators that can be used as a reference, strength is preferred over muscle and fat content. Because under normal circumstances, as long as the core strength can be exercised to a certain extent, the proportion of the body will naturally be much better.

Many times the advantages of strength training have been neglected by us, and the quality change that often leads to the deterioration of our fitness results is a breakthrough in strength training. There is no doubt about this.

In the fitness that everyone cares about most, the practice of core strength can increase muscles in a large area. The answer is yes. Because we want to understand the nature of muscles, he actually gets the conditions for growth by tearing our tissues, and tearing our tissues like? Strength training is a good way. Through a lot of exercise, we can effectively involve our muscle groups. This kind of exercise plays a vital role in our muscle growth, so we must not ignore the power. Practice this part.

In addition to this, there are often people who ask the editors that fitness is so good, but we just want to know, can we grow taller through fitness? Every time I hear this question, I will not give you a positive answer, but often give them the recognition that strength training can effectively activate the growth hormone in our body, which can promote our secondary development. However, the effect is determined by the individual’s physique. So when we take the time to go to the gym, we must pay attention to exercising our core strength. This is a very effective means of quickly achieving fitness goals.



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