The woman has a large liver in the body, and the general body will have these three phenomena. It is necessary to adjust it in time!

In life, some people have a relatively strong liver fire. Liver fire is a matter of living habits and eating habits. For example, eating fried foods often, and doing Irregular diet, staying up late, often getting angry, will cause liver fire. If a female friend has a strong liver, the body generally has these three performances. If you don’t have one, then congratulations, if you take one of them, you need to adjust it in time.

1, obesity

The liver fire will cause the liver’s metabolism to be hindered, which may cause the body’s fat to not break down properly. Removal, fat accumulation in the body for a long time, may lead to people are more obese.

2, sleep quality is not good, more dreams

If you often lose sleep at night, can’t sleep, still dream, and think in your heart, there are It may be caused by your liver fire.

3, long acne

Because of the liver fire, people will affect the function of detoxification of the liver. At this time, the liver cannot detoxify. There will be more and more toxins in the human body. When they accumulate to a certain extent, they will flock to the face of the human body, and there will be some cases of long spots and long acne.

The above are three phenomena in which a female friend has a strong liver fire. Once it is discovered, it is necessary to adjust it in time. How to adjust it? The following small series tells everyone how to adjust.

1, pears

Sweet and sweet, rich in nutrients, vitamins and cellulose, for people with strong liver fire, Eat more pears, which is good for reducing liver fire.

2, chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea can reduce fire. For the treatment of dizziness caused by liver fire, dry mouth, dry tongue, long acne has a certain effect.

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