The yang is gradually converging, the cold dew adds clothes, and how much is the solar health


—— “Xiao Shutong leaves, Yuebailuchu group”

Today is the cold dew of 2018.

The cold dew is the 17th solar term of the 24th solar terms, usually on October 8 or 9 of each year. “Cold dew” means that the temperature is lower than that of white dew, and the dew on the ground is colder and more, and it is about to condense into frost. During the cold season, the vast areas of Nanling and north have entered the autumn, and the northeast and northwest regions have entered or are about to enter the winter.

The cold season, due to the growing power of cold air from Siberia, the climate change is becoming more and more obvious. If the white dew is a sign from hot to cool, then the cold dew is a transition from cool to cold. At this time, most of the northern part of China was controlled by cold high pressure, and the temperature difference between day and night was very large. The man’s area was sometimes affected by the strong cold air southward, and there was a “cold wind” weather.

Chenlu three times

The ancient white dew is three:

Awaiting a visit to Hongyan; two wait for the big water to be a scorpion;

The above is said: In this solar terms, the queue of Hongyan lined up in a word or herringbone has moved southward; the deep autumn is cold, the birds are gone, and the ancients suddenly see the beach. There are a lot of flaws, and the stripes and colors of the shells are very similar to those of the birds, so that it is thought that the birds have become; “Ji Shi Huang Hua” means that the chrysanthemums are generally open at this time.


——”Let cold is late, the sky becomes brave flying sand “

From Bailu to Hanlu, only a short interval of one month, but the changes in nature are very obvious, as the folks said: “Cold dew to paraquat.” In the northern part of the cold season, the autumn is thick, the chrysanthemums are gorgeous, the red leaves are covered with mountains, and sometimes the hoarfrost can be seen in the morning; at this time, the southern region has also entered the late autumn, and the blooming sweet-scented osmanthus is full of fragrance. In order to maintain health, we must conform to the changes in nature, raise yin and prevent evil, and let the physiological activities of the body adapt to changes in nature.

Cold dew-“Cooling dryness” in the lungs

Autumn disease The most notable feature is that “dryness is a disease”, in the early autumn is generally “warm dry”, and in the late autumn, “cool dry” is the main.

The weather is changed from “cool” to “cold” during the cold season, and the flowers and trees are also depressed. This time, the yin and yang are retreating, and “cold” and “dry” are easy to form “cool and dry” together. Once “cool and dry” invades the human body, it will cause damage to the lungs and stomach of the human being, resulting in symptoms of cold and cold, such as fever, aversion to cold, headache, no sweat, dry mouth and dry nose.

Therefore, we should eat some supplements in time to balance the yin and yang in the body and prevent “coolness” from causing harm to the body.

In the cold season, in order not to be harmed by “coolness and dryness”, most people can maintain their health through food supplements, and patients with lung diseases or teachers, salespersons, etc. Use medicine to make up. Suitable for autumn tonic, there are raw ginseng, white ginseng and so on. In addition, the elderly and children and those with a slightly poorer body must adjust their daily eating and drinking life at this time to adapt to the changes in the weather, so as to “see the cool clothes, see the hot undressing.” When an influenza breaks out, try not to go to a public place with a lot of people. If necessary, you can get a flu shot.

Cold dew-The lungs are weak and the hair is not solid

As the saying goes Autumn is coming, hair is falling. After the fall, people will find that the problem of hair loss seems to be getting more and more serious, and it has become a veritable “three thousand troubles.” This is especially true during the cold season and the weather is dry.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the main dryness in autumn, dry and easy to hurt the lungs, lung main fur, if the lungs are qi deficiency, then the outside is insufficient, the hair is not solid. Now medical research has yielded similar results. The autumn weather is too dry, which is detrimental to human skin and can easily damage the hair. Because the air in the autumn is less water, the hair is easy to dry and the hair is easy to dry. At this time, if the nutrients ingested are not enough, it is very easy to cause the hair to fall off.

Prevent hair loss, first of all to ensure adequate nutrient intake, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and protein and other nutrients are very good for hair growth You can eat more soy products, dairy products, seafood and other foods. Secondly, keep your hair clean, avoid using too hot water to wash your hair with alkaline cleansing products, do more head massage, promote blood circulation, and properly apply sunscreen when going out to prevent UV damage to your hair. In addition, prevention and treatment of hair loss must not stay up late, do not drink too much, do not eat spicy greasy food.

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