There are some symptoms of major diseases should not be misjudged as autonomic disorders

A series of articles about autonomic disorders

About the theme of this series, just write a copy if you are free. Class problems are currently plaguing too many people. In fact, functional anatomy is not simply a structure and a simple function. It focuses more comprehensively, including the overall functional, psychological, social behavior and therapeutic aspects of human beings.

The topic we are talking about today is the initial symptoms of some diseases, which are easily misjudged at the beginning. There is a proprietary term in medicine called “differential diagnosis”. The differential diagnosis is in Western medicine. It refers to the identification of other diseases according to the patient’s complaint, and excludes the possible diagnosis of other diseases.

Cancer, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, diabetes and other diseases are the names of diseases with widespread populations. Why is the spread rate wide? It is nothing more than high incidence, high mortality, and more attention to life. These diseases are very similar to the symptoms of autonomic disorders in the initial stage. At this time, pay more attention to the hospital and make a clear diagnosis and treatment result.

For example,

patients with brain tumors may have typical symptoms such as paralysis of the hands and feet, headache, vomiting, and unstable body shake. symptom.

The “stomach cancer” that is not easy to be discovered in the early stage may have depressions such as depression and chest pain and chest tightness and stomach pain.

There are symptoms such as pressure in the heart, abdomen and chest, all of which are common to patients with diabetes, cerebral infarction, and cancer. This is why if you have physical discomfort, or have some symptoms of autonomic disorders, it is best to go to the hospital to check, only to rule out these diseases before you can carry out related treatment. Otherwise, it is easy to delay the illness.

Another example:

Medicidal hyperthyroidism referred to as “hyperthyroidism” is caused by excessive release of thyroid hormone by thyroid synthesis. Hypermetabolism and sympathetic excitation, causing heart palpitations, sweating, eating and increasing stools and weight loss. Most patients also often have symptoms such as exophthalmos, eyelid edema, and vision loss.

Barceler’s disease caused by hyperthyroidism is also a disease associated with hyperthyroidism with prominent eyeballs. Thyroid hypertrophy, abnormal systemic metabolism. There will be symptoms such as physical exhaustion, diarrhea, and emotional instability.

In the face of unexplained symptoms, you must believe in modern medicine, rather than looking for a variety of peculiar treatments. If you are autonomically disordered, you will not be life-threatening. Mistakes ignore major diseases and may be too late to be discovered.

Therefore, once you are aware of the abnormal symptoms of your body and mind, please do not hesitate to seek professional help. This awareness, in my training in recent years, has experienced a year-on-year improvement in scientific literacy. But there are still a group of people who are still inciting others, so when you can’t identify yourself, the hospital is your best place to go.

In order to give you a clearer guidance on what can be mistaken for autonomic disorders, I will list a form for reference and benefit.



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