There is a “red grid” in the estrogen in women, and there are three “signals”. Don’t care.

The hormones in the human body are irreplaceable. It is also very important for us. It is responsible for the estrogen in female friends, and promotes the development and maintenance of female secondary sexual characteristics. Female friends’ menstrual fertility has a certain relationship. The higher the estrogen is, the better, the lower the better. As long as the female hormone is normal, the female friend will have a healthy and beautiful body. If the estrogen has passed If it is high, we must adjust it in time. If the female hormone is too high, there will be three performances. What are the three performances? The next small series will tell you about it.

First point: Obesity

Many female friends are more obese, and there is more fat in the body because of the estrogen in the body. High, then led to obesity, so obesity appears, and female friends don’t want all kinds. Blind weight loss may lead to endocrine disorders, so everyone should pay attention.

Second point: menstrual disorders

Estrogen has a certain relationship with menstruation. If the estrogen is too high, it will promote the uterus. The natural intimal hyperplasia falls off, which may lead to delayed menstruation.

The third point: the appearance of uterine fibroids

There is an important cause of uterine fibroids, which is also caused by excessive female factors. Tumors have a great dependence on estrogen. If the estrogen is too high, the probability of having uterine fibroids is relatively large, so female friends, female hormones must be kept normal.

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