These 8 kinds of black foods are kidney and health

What are the benefits of eating black food everyday? Black natural foods are rich in nutrients and medicinal properties, and have the effects of lowering blood fat, nourishing blood, benefiting life, prolonging life, and inventing the eye. The following common sense (ID: aishcs) will introduce you to several common black foods. Let’s take a look.

1, black sesame

Black sesame is known as the “birthday good”. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, protein and various trace elements and minerals, vitamin E is much higher than other plants. Black sesame seeds have calcium supplementation, delaying cell aging, beauty and beauty, activating brain cells, eliminating vascular cholesterol, and inventing the role of black sesame seeds can delay aging.

2, black rice

Black rice is known as “the treasure in the rice.” The nutritional value is higher than ordinary white rice, rich in protein, fat, amino acid, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements.

Nutritionists have instructed that long-term consumption of black rice can nourish blood and nourish Qi, nourish yin and kidney, clear eye and promote blood circulation, and at the same time enhance the body’s metabolism, which is very beneficial to health.

3, Black Bean

Black Bean has the reputation of “King of Beans”. The effect of black beans into medicines is much higher than that of soybeans. The outstanding advantage is that protein content and trace elements are more abundant.

Black beans contain melanin in addition to rich fatty acids, lecithin and multivitamins.

It has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing kidney, nourishing beauty, preventing arteriosclerosis, stopping diarrhea, preventing osteoporosis, especially a large amount of thrombolytic urokinase in black soybean meal. The role of prevention and treatment of senile dementia and hypertension.

4, Black Fungus

is a nourishing mountain in food. Its sweet and mellow, has nourishing, beneficial stomach, blood circulation, moistening and so on.

Applicable to the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids hemorrhage, blood in the stool, dysentery, anemia, high blood pressure, constipation, lung deficiency, cough and other diseases. There are also U.S. inventions and health teeth.

5, black dates

is the “fruit of spleen”, which contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, Trace elements. It has the effect of replenishing vital energy, nourishing and nourishing blood, replenishing semen, raising temper and replenishing the stomach. It can treat nasal congestion, dysentery, diarrhea and other diseases.

6, black chicken

is known as “the king of poultry medicine.” It is rich in melanin and anti-cancer element “selenium”. Its hair, meat and bone can be used as medicine. It has special curative effect on lung disease, gastric ulcer, neurasthenia, pediatric rickets and gynecological diseases. It is especially suitable for women’s recovery after childbirth and after illness.

7, kelp

There is a reputation for “the holy medicine in the sea.” It is rich in nutrients, and its protein, sugar, calcium, iron content and heat energy are relatively high, especially rich in iodine, which is very effective in preventing goiter (rough neck disease). In addition, kelp has antihypertensive, diuretic, swelling, anti-inflammatory and other effects.

8, cuttlefish

commonly known as squid. Its taste is very delicious, nutritious, and it is a good food with high protein and low fat.

The medical philosophers of all ages believed that the squid tastes sweet and salty, enters the liver and kidney, has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidney, supplementing the blood, and has nourishing, passing through, and giving birth to women. It is an ideal black health food with good results, hemostasis, and hemostasis.

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Stomach, lack of blood, high blood pressure, white hair, allergies, Soaking feet, hair loss, anemia, pharyngitis, spleen deficiency, bad breath, palace cold, spleen and stomach, cold, cough, insomnia, low back pain, dampness, kidney, cervical spondylosis, cardiovascular, ecchymosis, dysmenorrhea, etc.

Diagnosis: hand diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, facial examination, finger numbness, kidney yang deficiency, kidney yin deficiency, peeling

Acupoint: Shenshu point, Zusanli point, Tianzhu, Guanyuan and Yongquan points



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