These common sense of the breast, women must understand

Breast disease is far away from you? No, it is very close to you, and it is terrible~

According to the survey: About 2 million women in the world suffer from various types of breast diseases every year, and every 26 seconds there is a woman Confirmed diagnosis. The probability of onset is much greater than other chronic diseases in women, the most terrible of which is breast cancer~

In fact, many women don’t know anything about their chest and breast disease. October is pink. “The Ribbon Month” is the “Breast Cancer Prevention Month” designated by the governments of all countries. With this opportunity, Xiaobian will share with you the common knowledge of breasts that some women must know.

What are the common breast diseases?

The breast includes tissues such as the breast, connective tissue, adipose tissue, a large number of blood vessels and nerves, and the breast is a very important part of the breast.

01Mammary gland hyperplasia

Mammary gland hyperplasia is one of the most common breast diseases. Includes both physiological and pathological hyperplasia. Physiologically, as the hormone changes in the body, it will slowly fade away.

Women of different ages have different symptoms of breast hyperplasia:

Unmarried unmarried women

The main symptom is breast pain, mostly on one side. Premenstrual breast pain is obvious, and it is relieved and gradually stopped after menstruation.

Females over 35 years old

The main symptoms are breast lumps, breast pain, and have nothing to do with menstruation. Touching the breast with your hand can touch the nodules of varying sizes and can be pushed.

Females over 45 years old

often manifested as single or multiple scattered cystic masses with clear boundaries and more painful dullness , aching or burning sensation, a small number of patients may be associated with nipple discharge.

Because of the milder degree of breast pain, you can relieve your self-healing by adjusting your diet or going to the beauty salon to get rid of your breasts, and breast masses and cystic masses. Need to go to the hospital for detailed examination and treatment.

02 Breast nodules

Mammary nodules usually refer to a clinically inaccessible breast lesion, but can be found by B-ultrasound, breast The nodules are mostly caused by breast hyperplasia.

For “mammary nodules”, there will be a specific score for assessing benign and malignant, generally 0 to 6. If the score is at level 5 and level 6, the doctor will advise you to have surgery as soon as possible.

03 Breast fibroma

Mammary fibroadenomas are those in which the mammary epithelium has undergone some fibrosis to form a benign tumor. Most breast fibroadenomas are benign tumors, and they do not pose a great risk to women’s health. There are many breast fibroadenomas without clinical signs at present. It is clinically unnecessary to do anything. Processed. But still have to go to the hospital for inspections in time to prevent deterioration.

04 Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer among women in China. The “China Breast Cancer Status Survey” predicts that by 2021, China’s breast cancer patients will reach 2.5 million. Every year, between 1.2 and 1.5 million people worldwide have breast cancer, and about 50,000 to 600,000 people have died.

How to prevent breast cancer, the best way is to go to the hospital to check regularly. Ordinary women can go to breast cancer screening every year after the age of 40, and those who have breast disease themselves, no matter how big, it is best to do screening every year.

How do I do a regular check?

The probability of prevalence at different ages is different, so the frequency of examinations is also different:

20~39 years old: not recommended For breast screening in non-high-risk groups, only routine chest ultrasound examination is required.

40~49 years old: 1 mammogram every year.

50~69 years old: mammography every 1~2 years.

70 years or older: mammography every 2 years.

Women should know how much they care about their bodies, and pay more attention to them so that diseases can stay away from you. Today’s science is here, more relevant content, please pay attention to the daily beauty ~



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