These three kinds of people, eating raw fruits are “seeking guilty”, in fact, there is another option.

In our lives, fruit is an indispensable food. For the way of eating fruits, many people say that it is peeled or eaten directly. After all, it is easy to operate! But in fact, many people don’t know that fruits can be cooked and eaten, and the nutritional value will increase~

The fruit is cooked, why?

1. The difference between raw and cooked food

Most of the fruit contains a lot of vitamins And nutrients such as proteases, in which vitamins and proteases lose their original activity after being treated at a high temperature, and it is difficult for the human body to reuse these nutrients, so that the fruit loses the value of this part.

But the cooked fruit, the cellulose in which it is softened, can better protect the gastrointestinal tract of the human body, and can also effectively kill the eggs attached to the surface of the fruit. Hazardous substances and pathogens such as bacteria.

2.What fruit can be cooked?

Since the fruit can be cooked, then there is Suitable for cooked fruit. The vitamin and protein active enzymes in this part of the fruit are relatively low, and the loss point is of little significance to the human body. These fruits can be boiled, such as apples and bananas.

In addition, some fruits have more cellulose, which is difficult to digest and can be considered for cooking.

3. Some fruits are more nutritious after cooking

Some fruits have certain nutrients Value, but some fruits are often treated at high temperatures, so nutrients can dissolve more, such as the following three fruits:

Orange: After the orange has been cooked at a high temperature The original cough and phlegm effect is much better than that of raw food. Adding a little salt can make the cooked oranges better treat cough.

Pear: We are most familiar with the Sydney Sugar Sydney. The pears in it are cooked. At this time, it has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire. The pears are many times better.

Hawthorn: Raw hawthorn can help digestion, but the cooked hawthorn can help fight cancer.

These people should eat more cooked fruit

For a specific group of people, you can eat more cooked fruits. ;

People with poor digestion ability, the fruits after cooking help digestion;

People with bad teeth, cooked The fruit is softer and the teeth are less irritating;

People who need to maintain health, the health function of the fruit after cooking is usually strong, for some intolerance medications The crowd can try to adjust in this way.

In general, cooked fruits and raw fruits have their own benefits. We should carry out according to our own situation. In addition, some fruits have special properties and should not be used. Eat more or consult your doctor before cooking.



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