This check is to find out the gold standard for cervical cancer. People with HPV infection need to pay attention.

Women are afraid of cervical cancer, regardless of the type of cancer, they need to be checked to find out. Cervical cancer is no exception, it has a confirmed gold standard – cervical biopsy.

Cervical biopsy is a biopsy of the cervix. Specifically, the meat on the cervical cancer is taken to the microscope for examination. Many people may be afraid, and it is a terrible thing to cut a piece of meat. . In fact, the amount of the examination is very small, and there is no pain nerve in the distal end of the cervix, so there is no pain in the cervical biopsy.

When checking, you will select four points of the cervix, such as the cervix as a clock, generally taking the four points of 3, 6, 9, and 12. If it is a suspicious organization, it will take a few more tissues for pathological examination.

The accuracy of cervical biopsy is high and suspicious is the gold standard.

In addition, in addition to the examination, it is more important to prevent prevention. For cervical cancer, there is a major culprit, HPV virus, which can be said to be 99% of cervical cancer. , are caused by HPV. And HPV is divided into many types, of which the most harmful are the 16 and 18 types, which caused the current 70% of cervical cancer.

So, at the same time, to do cervical cancer screening, you also need to see if there is HPV infection, if there is HPV high-risk positive, and continue to be infected. It requires a high degree of vigilance.

If you have an HPV infection, clean it up as soon as possible to prevent cervical cancer at all, which is more meaningful than a cervical biopsy.

It is a pity that there is no specific medicine for the HPV virus, regardless of high risk or low risk. In other words, no drugs can play a role in eliminating HPV.

Since there is no medicine to cure, how to clean up HPV?

In fact, although there is no drug, HPV has a nemesis, which is our human immunity. As long as the level of immunity is strong enough, immune cells such as T lymphocytes, white blood cells, and phagocytic cells can be fully utilized to kill the HPV virus and slowly remove it from the body.

Because of the protection of the human immune system, many people avoid cervical cancer. Otherwise, the number of people with cervical cancer who are currently suffering from cervical cancer is not limited to the current number. Because immunity slowly removes the HPV virus, many people can heal themselves. The premise is that the level of immunity is strong enough.

Recommended to use some immune enhancement products, you can eat malt selenium vitamin E tablets, etc., add some elements such as selenium, vitamin e, beta carotene and other strong antioxidants every day. Specially strengthen the killing effect of immune cells, which is beneficial to accelerate the positive conversion of HPV and promote self-healing of infection.

In addition, in life and diet, you should also pay attention to go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, drink less alcohol, eat more high-protein and low-fat foods. Especially don’t stay up late, this is particularly harmful to immunity. The mentality should be adjusted well, positive and optimistic, you can be good, don’t worry too much.



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