Three things that are uncomfortable in fitness, and the past has become handsome.

Hello everyone, many people have their own troubles. These troubles are various. If you like to exercise, you may encounter some special troubles of fitness people. Here are a few Worrying things, I don’t know if you have encountered this situation while exercising, have you said the key to you.

Anxiety is something that makes us feel unhappy. This may hinder us. Anyway, this is a bad side. There will be different troubles at different times. This is inevitable, but it can be improved.

A fitness worker or ordinary person who loves fitness, the first thing we have to face is the pain of training. For example, many sports-related problems, if no one is guiding, it is very It is difficult to improve myself, so we can imitate the form of others, and it may be effective.

When you are having trouble, don’t be bored, just like you are not happy, you should be released properly. Although fitness itself is a kind of release, fitness brings a lot of pain. Of course, you should use other methods to vent, such as yelling loudly.

The other thing is that no matter how distressed, when he is distracted, there will be some influence on the training, so don’t underestimate the problem, the emotional impact is very strong, so we want Pay attention to it, don’t wait until the problem gets bigger to solve.

So I am talking about three troubles about fitness here, of course, this is only a small part of it. If you have a better discovery, or if you are experiencing pain, you can talk about helping others or getting help below.

Pain, fatigue after training

Fitness does make us feel tired because we consume a lot of energy in exercise, so The body thinks you need to rest at this time, such as deciding to practice again tomorrow.

So when you feel tired, you must distinguish between fatigue and laziness caused by overtraining, so there are not only questions about whether to continue training, but also to distinguish between these two confusing questions. It is easy to feel pain.

Pain 2: The distress of the gym

The gym is a public place, there may be many people there, so when you go to exercise, You may encounter a variety of problems, and then it can cause a lot of pain, such as when you want to do some kind of exercise, these devices may be used by others.

Then we can prepare some different actions for certain parts, so when the device is in use, you can do other actions. If they are occupied, you can also try some weight. No hands training, so it will not be affected.

Pain 3: Exercise doesn’t work

If you don’t have good patience, the progress of fitness training will be very frustrating Because your body won’t change with the hard work of a month, and this change will be based on at least half a year.

Then we need patience, calm down, constantly improve our training skills, and encourage us to move on to the discipline, rather than stop and think why we haven’t changed too much for a long time .



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