To cure a good breast cancer, you will face these three problems, pay more attention to changes in your body.

There are some female friends who have breast cancer, but in the end, they won the victory. Everyone who has breast cancer, good people, is very happy, happy, because it is cured. Breast cancer, but the process of breast cancer treatment may also induce other cancers, so always be alert to cancer.

First point: uterine cancer and endometrial cancer

Because in the treatment of breast cancer, you need to take some hormone drugs, this kind of Hormone drugs increase the risk of endometrial cancer and uterine cancer, so you should always pay attention to changes in your body.

Second point: early menopause arrives

When breast cancer patients are treated, although they are cured, they may enter early Menopause, because the drugs used in the treatment, breast cancer, have certain damage to the body.

The third point: neuropathy

Breast cancer patients are treated with female chemotherapy drugs. There is a drug that may cause long-term permanent irritation, leg and leg, thin arm and other pain, which will affect the balance and use of the hand.

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