Urine is the attention of people of these colors! Your body may have problems!

Normal urine is a pale yellow transparent liquid due to the presence of substances such as urine pigment, urobilin, and urinary biliary.

But the color of the urine changes due to various factors such as diet, drugs, exercise and disease. Colorful urine hides a lot of mysteries and requires careful examination and judgment.


Red urine

Edible red dragon fruit, beet, purple radish, etc. Fruits and vegetables; taking metronidazole, tinidazole, warfarin and other drugs can cause reddening of urine.

But after excluding the interference of drugs and food, it is often the warning signal of the disease, such as renal hematuria, hemoglobinuria, myoglobinuria, etc., you need to be alert to kidney disease.


White turbid urine

expressed as milky white pyuria or urine containing a lot of crystals More common in urinary tract infections, prostatitis, gonorrhea, non-gonococcal urethritis.


breasted urine

Colors like milk, sometimes with white clots, The cause is mostly filariasis or lymphatic obstruction around the kidney. When the urine contains a large amount of crystals, its color is like lime water.


Brown urine

Using rhubarb and other drugs can make the urine brown. In addition, acute nephritis, acute jaundice hepatitis, renal crush injury, extensive burns, hemolytic anemia, misplaced blood type, etc., will also make the urine brown; after intense exercise, the urine may even become soy sauce color.


Blue-green urine

usually related to medication, such as taking ampicillin Salicylic acid, propofol, cimetidine, etc., will cause blue-green urine to appear, and will return to normal after the drug is over.

If you have not taken the medicine, it may be caused by certain diseases, such as cholera, typhus, primary hypercalcemia, vitamin D poisoning, biliary obstruction, patina Cytobacterial infection, etc.


purple urine

More common in purple bag syndrome, usually due to When an infection occurs, the urine in the urine bag produces indigo and indirubin under the action of bacteria, and the mixing of the two pigments causes the urine to appear purple.


Black urine

This condition is rare and often occurs in acute blood vessels Internally hemolyzed patients, such as falciparum malaria. In addition, black urine can also appear in melanoma.

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