“Vegetable Queen” with pork, delicious and healthy

This dish consists of onions, pork, and a little green pepper. It is a very healthy home-cooked dish. Onion is rich in nutrients and is a good food ingredient for both food and medicine. It is also a health care champion in cheap vegetables. The effect of onion is many, it can supplement calcium, reduce “three high”, prevent heart disease and so on. Green pepper and pork are also the ingredients that have a significant therapeutic effect. The three ingredients are balanced with balanced nutrition, health care and taste.

Ingredients: Onion 150g Pork 100g

Accessories: oil salt, MSG, raw starch, onion, ginger, green pepper

Production steps:

1. Wash and cut the pork into pieces, add salt, cooking wine, and stir well.

2, add starch and mix and marinate for 10 minutes.

3. Wash the onions and green peppers.

4, onions, green peppers cut into pieces.

5, from the oil pan, the green pepper is poured into the pot after the oil.

6, then start the oil pan, the meat is fried in the pan.

7, the onion is fried in the pan.

8, green pepper into the pot. Add salt and stir-fry.

9, stir well and put out the pan.


1. It is not advisable to add seasonings with heavy taste.

2, the taste of the pork after pickling, the taste will be better.

By Gourmet Quality Masters Jamie Pastoral



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