Vegetarians can cause endocrine disorders? Even infertility!

Taiwan is not necessarily beautiful, but it must be unhealthy.

Many girls have become loyal vegetarians in pursuit of embarrassment. However, the price of vegetarian food sometimes may be infertile in addition to resisting the temptation of meat!

Preparation requires a healthy maternal environment, and vegetarianism necessarily leads to no nutritional Equilibrium, more and more data show that women often have devastating effects on hormone secretion in the body and affect women’s ovulation function, which may even lead to infertility.

Of course, people who eat meat can’t say that your nutrition is balanced, so infertility can sometimes be eaten~


Hazard of low protein intake

If the long-term simple vegetarian diet, the lack of protein intake, can make human protein, The proportion of carbohydrates and fats is disordered, which can also cause the negative nitrogen balance of the human body (protein can not be used), causing body weight loss, anemia, and elimination. Poor, lack of energy, memory loss, sexual function and immune function, ovarian dysplasia, endocrine and metabolic function of the barrier, susceptible to diseases, make premature aging.

Researchers found that 78% of women who ate vegetarian diets had a physiological phenomenon of stopping ovulation, and almost all groups had shorter menstrual cycles than normal. . However, in the normal diet group, 67% of women had normal ovulation and no significant changes in the menstrual cycle. The reason is that the food it contains contains less protein.


—Hazard of reduced fat intake—

A study found that girls with moderate obesity are more likely to have menstrual cramps than those with thin-skinned girls. The menstrual cycle is more regular, and the menarche is more late after menarche, and more menstrual disorders occur. The reason for amenorrhea is that the amount of fat in a woman’s body directly affects the endocrine regulation of the menstrual cycle in the body. The fat level will affect the function of estrogen secretion in the ovary. Estrogen plays a very important role in promoting the emergence of secondary sexual characteristics, the development and improvement of reproductive organs, and the possession and maintenance of fertility.


—Multiple minerals have a major impact on reproductive function—

Studies have shown that a variety of minerals have a major impact on human reproductive function. For example, iron can promote the development of the ovary; iodine maintains normal function of endocrine; calcium affects the development of bones and pelvis, and these substances are also found in animal foods.


—Lack of vitamins A, D, E, etc.—

Maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body. It depends on various elements, trace elements and various types of vitamins. These substances belong to animals and plants. To meet these nutrients, to maintain overall health. It should be eaten by animals and animals.

According to research, women’s lack of vitamin E can cause menstrual cycle disorder, ovarian function decline, vitamin E can also correct menstrual disorders and hypogonadism, so that menstruation returns to normal.

The quality of the nutrition and the quantity of the nutrition directly affect the human health, disease resistance and longevity.

In short, vegetarians, meat, and balanced nutrition are the most important, which is beneficial to the reproductive health of young women. If women are unwilling to have fertility, then they must think twice before making vegetarian diets, especially for women over the age of 30. Fertility itself has declined, so be cautious.



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