Visceral sputum on fire performance is different, Chinese medicine tricks to cure toothache

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Where is the most acne? Of course it is the face of others!

After the fall, anti-autumn dryness and autumn dryness are also annoying, but there are still small friends who are not paying attention to get angry.

What are the performances of the fire? Toothache, red eyes, sore throat… Where does the fire come from? The different parts of the “fire” in Chinese medicine are not the same.

When the stomach fire is inflamed, it usually becomes a toothache; when the heart is on fire, it usually shows a tongue pain. If the liver has a fire, the symptoms are in the eyes, and usually there will be eyelids in the morning. If the lungs have a fire, it is the most common autumn dryness. The dry throat is swollen and sore, or the white eye we see the eyeballs will turn red. When your mood is not comfortable, the body is depressed and the fire can’t come out. Because the nature of the fire is going up, we often grow some sores, pustules and acne scars on our faces. This is also the impact of the mind on physical health.

Toothache is not a disease, it hurts to kill people. Who told you that toothache is not a disease? ! ……

Other fires can be tolerated, and the toothache can’t be tolerated.

Traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, treatment of toothache caused by the fire first of all to distinguish the factors caused. One is probably that it is too good to eat, and then the ability to digest is poor, the food will accumulate in the stomach, the stomach will not wear up, the Chinese medicine is called silt and fever, the fire is going up, go to the teeth . The other is that the patient’s body is afraid of cold. In the autumn and winter, I want to eat warm food supplements such as lamb, and the result is to make up the fire and go to the teeth. There is also a patient’s words, often the stomach fire is excessive, the expression of red tongue, thick yellow fur, according to different causes for symptomatic treatment. The situation that the spleen and stomach can not be digested, the Chinese medicine treatment is mainly based on digestion and stagnation. The most common medicine is Baohe Pill. Or just go hungry for two days, the spleen and stomach are empty, then eat a little vegetable to pass the stool to the guide, the fire will follow. (Positive face…)

If you usually like to eat a hot diet and are afraid of cold, this kind of toothache is not recommended to eat Sanhuang tablets, Huanglian tablets, eat After the end, the symptoms may improve, but the symptoms may increase. At this time, our Chinese medicine practitioners should treat them with Wenli’s method. If you are afraid of heat, you like to eat cold drinks and do things in a hurry. In this state, it is more suitable for eating hot and sinister drugs such as Huanglian Shangqing tablets.

What if the toothache does not understand dialectical? Mr. Xu, who is in the health management of the world, teaches you a small coup. The ear of the human body is from the earlobe to the top of the ear. The outer ring is called the ear wheel. The ear wheel has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. From the bottom to the top, it is hot and red. People with mild uppering symptoms are very effective. Toothache caused by the fire can also be alleviated by this method.

Summary, you can’t see the toothache and clear the fire. You should use the Chinese medicine to identify the fire. You can use the fire-fighting medicine after the syndrome, and the virtual fire must use the yin-yin and lowering the gunpowder. The earrings have better fire-fighting effects in early symptoms.

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