Wake up: There are three “hairs” on the girl’s body. It is a blessing sign. Do you know?

Awaken: There are three “hairs” on the girl’s body. It is a blessing sign. Do you know?

First place: finger back hair

The back of the finger is thick and thick, indicating that the woman’s life is rich in money, blessing, life or children and emotions. Can be completed. This is an unforgivable thing for women. They know how to be diligent and supportive. Wangfu is not only very popular with her husband, but also has strong fortune, longevity and health, especially Wangfu, and live a comfortable and comfortable life.

Second: Mane

The woman with a strong hair is full of femininity. No matter where I go, wherever I go, everyone is concerned. The focus, and their peach blossoms are also very strong.

However, the woman now removes her own hair for her own beauty, so I have removed your fortune, affecting feelings and career, and some girls are not coming late. There is a very big relationship with this.

So, although the mane is a bit unsightly, but leaving the mane, you can bring a steady stream of money to your husband, bring you good luck.

The third place: navel

The navel is the source of human kidney, surrounded by long hair, indicating that this person is very healthy. There will be no big problems. This part of the woman has thicker hair. It is destined to eat for a lifetime, not to wear it, not to spend it in pain, nor to have a big fault on him.

Therefore, a woman with a strong navel hair is also very lucky.



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