What are the hazards of varicose veins in the lower extremities? How to prevent varicose veins?

The varicose veins of the lower extremities are a common vascular disease in life. Long-term standing and frequent weight-bearing are high-risk groups, mainly due to the distorted expansion of the veins in the lower limbs. If it is not treated in time, It can become a chronic ulcer, even a major bleeding and other complications.

What are the hazards of varicose veins in the lower extremities?

When suffering from varicose veins of the upper and lower extremities, obvious and thick blood vessels appear in the patient’s legs, mainly in the form of warts or lumps, which affect the legs. The beauty of the department. Because the blood is expected to be in the leg for a long time, which leads to the feeling of heaviness and soreness of the lower limbs, the patient will feel the fatigue of the whole body. It is very difficult to walk or climb the stairs. In severe cases, numbness or pain may occur, even Will affect the action, the patient’s skin will turn black and red or hard. The side of the limb with varicose veins is very itchy, so it will automatically form a rupture by hand. When it breaks, it will form an ulcer. It is difficult to treat and it will be repeated.

How to prevent varicose veins?

1, we must control the weight, although obesity does not directly cause varicose veins, but it will increase the burden on the legs, resulting in venous blood in the legs. Poor return, aggravating the expansion of the vein. When standing for a long time or working in a heavy physical labor group, the lower limbs can be raised and massaged by hand, which can promote blood return of the lower limbs and prevent the occurrence of varicose veins.

2. Regular exercise is the best way to prevent varicose veins of the lower extremities. By swimming, the water will exert some pressure on the legs during swimming. The elasticity of the blood vessels, while at the same time, the lower limbs will continue to stretch the legs and bend the legs during swimming, which increases the tension of the leg muscles and promotes the return of the venous blood, which can better prevent the occurrence of varicose veins.

3. In addition, you can also take lower extremity exercises. To stand up, the legs should be lifted up and down, and each side should be done ten times. In the station, let your hands hold your knees and stand up, doing a total of ten times. Lay flat on the bed to straighten, lift the right leg about 40 more and then swing up and down five times, and finally change the other leg to do the same exercise. Lying flat on the bed, lift your left leg, bend your knees and push forward hard, do it ten times, then change the other leg.

4. Finally, you can take a quick walk to prevent varicose veins of the lower extremities. When walking, you can strengthen the contractile movement of the gastrocnemius muscles, which can increase the reflux of the venous blood of the lower extremities. The varicose veins of the lower extremities, but the time and amount of exercise must be gradual.


You can’t sit for a long time or stay for a long time, you can’t do it for a long time. Overworked work, appropriate activities to move your limbs, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and exercise more.

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