What is the most effective way to relieve eczema and eczema?

Eczema is a complicated and complicated skin problem. If you want to cure it, you have to go through a long process. The eczema is very itchy and itchy. It is very uncomfortable and you can’t help but scratch it. Eczema can seriously affect the daily life and work of patients, making patients extremely troubled. Because the treatment process of eczema is very long and it is difficult to cure quickly, it is necessary to master some quick cures in the onset of eczema.

Little coup:

1, salt wash

The most common in our daily lives The salt has a lot of miraculous effects, the salt has the effect of detoxification, insecticidal and itching, can alleviate itchy skin, redness and heat. Therefore, the eczema itch can be washed with saline to relieve itching. Can be applied repeatedly.

2, use aloe vera or dragon claws to relieve itching

There are aloe vera or dragon claws in the house, then the patient can take the material nearby and stab the skin. Apply the aloe vera or the dragon’s pulp juice to the itching area, and quickly solve the itching problem when the eczema is itchy.

3, wild chrysanthemum fumigation

Take wild chrysanthemum whole grass and chop the wild chrysanthemum whole grass into the pot, add water, fry the fire, filter, and then wash the affected area for 15 minutes after warming, immediately use clean lime powder puff, 2 times a day, Clears away heat and detoxifies and relieves itching.

4, clear tea soaked

take tea, alum. Soak tea and alum in 500 ml of water for 30 minutes, then decoct for 30 minutes. For external use, soak the affected area with this tea for 10 minutes each time, without using a cloth to make it dry naturally. This side is hot and humid, suitable for acute eczema.

5, slap the itching area

If the patient is around other itching items, then you can properly pat the itching area for emergency itching. However, it is forbidden to use excessive force to cause damage to the surface of the skin and make the condition worse. The principle of how to beat it and the principle of scratching itching are the same. When people scratch it, it will interfere with and prevent the skin nerves from transmitting itching to the brain, which will make people feel itching stopped.

Eczema is a disease with a long pathology, so it is necessary to prepare for eczema to fight persistently. It should not be too anxious. Although eczema is difficult to treat during onset, it will seriously affect We live and work, but as long as we master the above five kinds of itching small coups, we can quickly relieve itching. Cooperating with foreign reclamation Ansu can alleviate our discomfort and reduce the inconvenience caused by eczema.



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