What is the performance of pediatric epilepsy, be wary of “missing seizures”

Children are the core of every family and are the parents of their parents. The child’s every move affects the parents’ heart, but for some diseases, the parents may not really understand it. Pediatric epilepsy is one of them. The symptoms are different from the general epilepsy, which is often ignored by the parents and delays the treatment of the child. .

Pediatric epilepsy is a type of pediatric disease. For many years of scientific research, there have been some ways to heal in treatment. For many parents, it is still not known about pediatric epilepsy. The symptoms of pediatric epilepsy are complicated. Many times, parents are not easy to detect. They think that the child is naughty and does not realize the problem, so parents should do more about this disease. Understand and pay attention to observe the child’s performance.

The specific manifestations of pediatric epilepsy are as follows:

1, suddenly vomiting, the child is carrying out an activity, such as sudden vomiting while playing, After a minute or two, I feel better and continue to play. At this point, parents can easily think that the stomach is not good or eaten bad things.

2, the absence of seizures, the child may suddenly lose sight, eyes staring at one place, calling him no movement, this symptom is generally 2-10 seconds, generally no more than 30 seconds. At this time, the parents will think that the child is not sensible, out of thin, naughty.

3, tension loss, because the child suddenly fell when standing, not because of tripping, but the leg muscles suddenly have no tension, causing a fall.

4, reading episodes, reflex attacks. This type is a child’s easy attack in a particular situation. Compared with xuyao, it is normal for children to read books, but when they read the mouth, they will twitch and continue to read the convulsions will be more powerful.

5, small episodes of eating epilepsy, this epileptic symptoms are caused by taste, smell stimulation or chewing action, the seizures flash in a few seconds, not easy to be found by parents The main performance is that the tableware is often accidentally broken when eating, and it is often mistaken for being careless and undecided.

6, crying and laughing, the main performance is that there is no reason without warning, suddenly burst into tears, crying for a while and then suddenly stopped, as if nothing happened.

There are many reasons for the second epilepsy, there may be genetic factors, or brain hypoplasia, suffocation, cranial hemorrhage, etc., and some can not find the cause. Pediatric epilepsy has a scientific treatment in medicine, but the treatment period is long, it takes 1-2 years or longer, you must follow the doctor’s advice, you can not stop the treatment in advance.



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