What kind of ghost is insulin resistance?

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Insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance? Give a small example!

Diabetes is a chronic, systemic metabolic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar levels. Its main pathological features are disorders of glucose, fat and protein metabolism caused by insufficient insulin secretion or insulin resistance.

Insulin is secreted by pancreatic islet β cells in the pancreas. It is the only hormone that lowers blood sugar in the body. Insufficient insulin secretion can not lower blood sugar and lead to elevated blood sugar. Easy to understand. But what is insulin resistance? How to understand?

Insulin resistance is generally said to be a decline in the biological performance of insulin, which does not effectively lower blood sugar. It can also be understood that insulin becomes lazy and does not lower blood sugar.

For example, let’s keep the blood sugar in the normal range. This job requires 100 people (insulin) to complete, 100 people go to work on time, work is serious and responsible, teamwork can be very Good to complete the work, blood sugar is maintained in the normal range, this is the normal state of glucose metabolism;

But one day, for some reason, 100 people have 80 diseases. When I came to work, the remaining 20 people worked overtime, and even the rice was too late to eat. As a result, the work of 100 people before the end of the work, blood sugar can not be maintained in the normal range, this situation will appear diabetes (insulin secretion deficiency type); There is also a situation where people are still 100 people, and even another 20 people have joined the team and become a team of 120 people. However, the 20 new people who join the team not only do not work well, but also carry out various agitation and influence the team. Collaborate, let all people do not work well, go to work Eat mixed drink mixed, the result of 120 people still have not finished competent ago 100 people will be able to finish the work, this is also the case elevated blood sugar (insulin resistance).

Everyone understands what insulin resistance is. At this time, some people will ask what kind of people are prone to insulin resistance?

A type of physiological resistance, mostly temporary resistance: such as hunger, trauma, surgery, day and night stress, promote protein breakdown and gluconeogenesis.

The other type is pathological insulin resistance, common in overweight and obese people, the elderly, non-alcoholic fatty liver, hypoxia (especially sleep apnea), polycystic Ovarian syndrome, women with decreased estrogen levels, and people with a family history of diabetes.

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