What should I do if the baby is irritated and spit milk? Baby massage to understand

Baby galactorrhea, commonly known as spit milk. It is a common symptom of newborn babies. It is related to the baby’s digestive system morphology and physiology. The newborn baby’s stomach is level, the stomach muscle development is not complete, the cardia muscle is weak, and the pyloric muscle tension is high, because the milk does not stay well in the stomach, and causes galactorrhea. In addition, the mother’s nipple is indented, and the newborn baby is struggling with the milk. As the swallowing action, a large amount of air is swallowed, causing the stomach to swell and causing galactorrhea. In addition, the artificially fed baby, such as the bottle pacifier, is too small, the baby can not suck out the milk and swallow too much air; or when feeding with the bottle, the milk liquid level in the bottle does not reach the pacifier, so the chock is too much In the air, when the stomach contracts, galactorrhea occurs. If the milk is too frequent, it will lead to malnutrition and slow weight gain, which will affect the normal development of the baby.

Treatment methods: For children with frequent galactorrhea, intestinal obstruction, pyloric spasm, intracranial hemorrhage, congenital esophageal atresia should be excluded. If there is no such disease, the following massage therapy can be used.

1. Pushing the spleen: The spleen is located on the palm of the child’s thumb. The doctor gently pushes the fingertips 100 times in the spleen of the child’s hands with the thumb thread surface.

2, push the stomach: the stomach is located in the palm of the first phalanx of the thumb. The doctor used the thumb thread surface to push the children’s hands and stomach back and forth 200 times.

3, 揉内关: Neiguan points are located between the two sides of the pediatric wrist and wrist. The doctor used the fingertips to press the children’s hands to close the points 100 times each time.

4. In the push: The middle point of the sputum is located at the midpoint of the nipple connection of the child. The doctor used the thumb thread surface to push down to the umbilicus 100 times from the middle of the child.

5. Abdominal abdomen: The doctor gently squats in the clockwise direction of the child’s abdomen for 5 minutes.

6, press the foot three miles: Zusanli is located in the lower part of the child’s tibia, the same size, the outer side of the tibia is the same size. The doctor used the tip of his thumb to gently press the baby’s foot three miles each 100 times.

Use the method of daily massage for 1 time and continuous massage for 3 times, which will reduce the number of galactorrhea in children, gradually stop the milk and increase appetite. More.

Small reminder:

If you give your baby a massage, scrape this type, you must remember that you can’t be blown by the wind. Because the massage will make the pores open, if it is blown by the wind, it will not only enhance the body’s function, but will make the baby sick.



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