What types of diabetes are there? What are the precautions for diabetes?

Speaking of diabetes, most people think of one of the many diseases that Chinese people die, and there are islands, eat more, drink more, and have more urine. These are indeed characteristics of diabetes. Because of the increase in the incidence of diabetes, everyone is very concerned about this disease, and because the medical treatment of this disease is mainly recommended to control and conditioning, control is to take certain medical means to get the disease in time when the disease occurs. Control is not life-threatening. Conditioning is to eat food that will not affect the condition and make the condition relieved after the condition is stable. It is to eat more foods with low sugar content and high nutritional value. Modern medicine has become more and more in-depth research on diabetes, and it has also roughly classified diabetes.

a, type 1 diabetes

such abnormal immune system from diabetes than non-hereditary, Usually high in people under the age of 30, but the number of patients is small, the symptoms are thin, weight loss, polyuria, often feel thirsty and other obvious symptoms, long-term dependence on insulin to control the disease. This kind of diabetes is not the type of diabetes that is now common. This type of diabetes has fewer patients, and this type of diabetes is very troublesome. It requires long-term injection of insulin to relieve the condition. Of course, while receiving insulin treatment, it is necessary to Appropriate attention to diet, eat more foods that are good for returning to the disease, do not give the body excessive sugar intake, excessive body sugar is an important cause of diabetes, so it is relatively more troublesome for this type of diabetes. .

Type 2, Type 2 Diabetes

This type of diabetes is more prevalent and hereditary, usually more than four patients Ten years old, and there will be external features of obesity. Because such patients often have poor living habits, resulting in decreased insulin secretion, or the body’s resistance to insulin. In order to control the condition, in addition to insulin or medication, it is necessary to change lifestyle habits. Many people with diabetes nowadays are mostly of this type of diabetes, and such patients with diabetes often have no symptoms at the beginning of the disease. They usually wait until the body changes due to long-term rickets, or when they develop complications of diabetes. Diabetes is riddled with. It is only a little difficult to treat at this time, so always pay attention to your physical condition.

Diabetes is also divided into diabetes caused by gestational diabetes and other factors. Many gestational diabetes are temporary diabetes due to various factors, and usually disappear automatically after a certain period of time.

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