Why do the masters of the bones emphasize that “the bones are all right, the whole method is touched”?

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Intangible tangible

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There are a lot of popular health care techniques. It is a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of pain. However, there is a common misunderstanding about the bones. When it comes to the bones, many people are entangled in the bones. Ignore the importance of this link. I ask, if the bones are not clear, what about the bones? The true master of the bones will not suggest that you put the orthopedic technique in the first place, but always emphasizes that “the bones are all right, the whole method is touched.”

What is the right thing to do, all in the way?

First, the essence of the bones: Guided by the situation

Military strategist Sun Yan: The good warrior is guided by his potential, meaning Those who say that they are good at using warfare must follow the trend to guide it from a favorable aspect, as is the true bone. The subtle way of the bone is to follow the trend, the magic is to live, the static is to die, the movement is to have a gap, the more you are in the middle of the movement, the slightest push, the right hand, if it is hard Hard push, although it can be rectified, but the non-exquisite way, if the technique is not refined, without experience, it is easy to make mistakes.

The same is true for the tendons, but the movements are reinforced, the static is scattered, and the movements follow the trend, or pick or pull or pull, the tendons are easy to recover.

Second, the way of the bones is in Litong

The heart is unreasonable, then it’s stunned, and the mind is clear, then it should work. Litong is self-sufficient in the hands, but it is clumsy and clumsy. It is more skillful and self-sufficient. The so-called diligence can make up for it. As long as you practice hard, the technique will naturally become lean, and the relationship is still unreasonable. The same method, the first layer of the mind, the effect of the treatment is enhanced by one layer, therefore, the effect is in the heart.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do.

The work that must be done in the hands is all over the years.

The king has no near merits, and the bones are the same.

Third, if you want to do something good, you must first sharpen it.

The law of the bones is based on the law, and the technique is not Short. The technique is a weapon, the weapon is in hand, and it can do half the work.

The effect of being fluent and savvy is not the only thing that can be expected. If you have been fluent, or diligent in research, or visit a master, master the skills, you will understand the correct method, simple and wonderful, just as “big and smart.”

Four, let him say ten thousand, no more than the ribs of the staggered six words

Orthopedic mantra: ribs out of the groove, bone Staggered.

Make the following words, and the bones are not wrong.

The ribs are connected to the bones. The ribs are out of the groove and the bones are staggered. The bone is staggered and the ribs are out of the groove. Touch the muscles and ask for their bones. Touch the bones and ask for their tendons. The disease is not on the disease, and the disease is not under. Check the disease, find its roots, regain its level, and seek its right.

Five, avenues to simple and easy, the same bones

The so-called: elephants are invisible, avenues to Jane. The real orthopedic technique is very simple and doesn’t take much effort. The orthopedic technique must be light. For the one or two thoracic vertebrae that make people feel guilty every time, the real orthopaedic master is gentle and simple, and it can be done by gently turning one or several turns. The deeper the understanding of the orthopedic technique, the more it is found that the technique is gentle, and it is the delicateness of the bone.

The method of orthopedics, the hand moves with the heart, the law is born by the heart, if the hand is focused on the hand, then the hand is controlled to die, the law is not oyster, the reset is not delicate.

The true high realm of the bones is that the positive person does not feel the force, only the doctor’s hand feels like no feeling and the disease is removed, there will be no sound. When the bones are ringing, the bones are forcibly pushed in rather than brought in by the trend, which is not a subtle way.

Six, the bones are all in the way, all in the way

Everyone thinks that the bones are in the way, but they don’t know how to use them. , feel the right side can be accurate. The master of the bones is the master of the method, and often feels proud to be touched by others, not proud of the technique.

The hand is accurate and accurate. If you are not sure, blind and chaotic, the method is vague, even if you accidentally touch, the heart is still stunned, and time-consuming and laborious, things are more and more reactive.

The so-called orthopedic bone is not only in the orthopedic bone, but also in the ribs, and the ribs occupy most of the bones and the bones occupy the small parts.

When a person has a disease, the bones are different from the normal state. The hand touches the heart, knows where the disease is, or the old injury or the new injury. The disease starts from the top or the bottom, and can be touched clearly. Obviously, the chest and then the treatment of the disease, only in the disease to deal with the bones, the rest do not ask, this is half the effort, save time and effort, should work.

I have a touch of bones, and there are also flaws. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to feel it. Some are touched, some are unclear, and this is still unreasonable. Litong, knowing that there is no change from the ancestors, there is no good touch, so we visit the masters of the bones, the focus is on academics rather than academics.

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