Why is moxibustion must use Ai?

[The effect of various moxibustion materials on the human body]

Ignite charcoal and use it to bake the relevant parts of the body. It plays the role of Wentong, and it has the same effect of dispelling cold. But will different materials have the same effect on the human body? The characteristics of wormwood determine its status in moxibustion, irreplaceable!

There is a warming effect, but the body’s response is different due to the different substances that produce heat. The ancients have already observed and compared in this respect, such as “Outside Taiwan” volume 19 cited “small” cloud:

Yamu fire

When moxibustion is used for pine fire, it is difficult to heal;

The cedar fire is sore and succulent;

Orange wood fire hurts the skin; /p>

Mulberry fire is dry;

Jujube fire is marrow;

Bamboo Fire is hurting the muscles, and more strong is the ribs;

The eucalyptus fire is the pulse;

The eucalyptus fire hurts the bones, Strong bones are dry.

Where the fire of Yagi is not used.

In addition to the above-mentioned mulberry, medlar, jujube, orange, sorghum, and bamboo, the “Muslim Moxibustion Theory” has the same saying that “the golden stone burns the gods and sweats more.”

[The sun is the sun of the sky, the fire of the fire is the sun of the earth]

Although the heat is the same but the heat source is different There are some different differences that have not yet been discovered. Using Ai Lai as a moxibustion material is not simply a physical function, but also pharmacological and other kinds of effects. Master Zhou Yusheng has done a variety of comparisons, such as tobacco, mulberry leaves, charcoal, sulfur and electric heating, etc., can not be compared with Ai. Ai is gentle and comfortable, just like soft and soft. The rest is not dry and strong, it is stagnant. After many years of experiments, about 59.6% of the patients in the moxibustion process can smell the smell of worm in the nose and mouth. The urine and sweat after moxibustion can have the taste of Ai, which means that moxibustion is not Simply staying on the surface of the skin, it also has a very light penetration into the body and participates in health repair.



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