With “Ginger on the navel”, after a period of time, the body quietly occurred these four changes

Ginger is a kind of condiment commonly used in our lives, but do you know? In addition to eating ginger, ginger can also be applied externally. For example, every night before going to bed, insist on using “Ginger with navel”, which will bring four major effects to the body!

1, regulate intestinal function

There are some people who have a bad eating habit, such as overeating, three meals are not regular, so long It is easy to cause our intestinal dysfunction, which may induce enteritis.

If you have bloating due to eating too much, or if you have constipation problems, you can also improve the symptoms of discomfort by applying the navel to ginger.

2, avoid motion sickness and seasickness

Corona and seasickness have always been a problem that plagues many people. In order to alleviate discomfort, many people will take motion sickness medicine before getting on the bus, but they are worried that taking motion sickness medicine will cause side effects.

With the ginger on the navel, you can effectively improve the problem of motion sickness or seasickness, easy to operate, and don’t worry about side effects.

3, dispel the cold

A lot of female friends are cold physique, especially in winter, especially prone to cold hands and feet . When menstruation comes, it may cause dysmenorrhea due to excessive chills.

At this time, women can use ginger to apply the navel, which can effectively help the body to remove the cold, but also warm the palace to dispel cold. Therefore, if a woman has dysmenorrhea during menstruation, she can use ginger to apply the navel to ease.

4. Improve immunity

Ginger is rich in curcumin, which has strong anti-cancer effect, especially It has a good inhibitory effect on skin cancer and colorectal cancer.

So you can not only eat more ginger in your life, but also use ginger to apply the navel to achieve a certain health effect.

How to apply ginger to the navel


1 ginger, 1 band of band-aid, a small amount of white wine and white vinegar.


After rinsing the ginger, cut into ginger . Then use a cotton swab to pick up the white wine and wipe the navel. Then add 1-2 drops of white vinegar and stir the ginger.

Stir the ginger at the navel and seal it with a band-aid.

You can do this from 9 to 10 o’clock before going to bed. You can go straight to sleep after you have finished, and you can get rid of it when you wake up the next morning.

Other uses of ginger

Ginger has a special spice that adds some ginger when cooking. It can make the dishes more delicious. Ginger also has a very good cold-removing effect, which allows us to prevent the emergence of diseases in hot or cold seasons.

Chinese medicine believes that: ginger and spleen and warm, spleen and stomach, good temperature in the fall and vomiting, dehumidification and phlegm, cough and phlegm, to reduce the vomiting, long, our daily life In the use of ginger, you can treat a variety of common diseases, let’s take a look at the ginger, in addition to the navel, what other magical use ~

1, foot bath:Ginger can be used to wash feet, can remove moisture, make up cold, prevent colds and health benefits.

2, anti-inflammatory: We can also put ginger on the toothache because of the toothache caused by the heat, can reduce the toothache and can also To a certain anti-inflammatory effect.

3, chronic enteritis: put the ginger in the bag and fry into a soup, then use the ginger soup to bathe (only the lower body), each time Ten minutes, so you can warm the whole body, promote the smooth circulation of blood, not only can cure chronic enteritis, it is also a great boon for people who often have problems with their stomachs. Furthermore, the juice made from the dried leaves of the sorrel is added with ginger juice to sit. The bath effect is better.

4, Cough: When you have a sore throat or cough, we can cut the ginger into slices and put it in the mouth to stop the cough.

5, relieve oral ulcers: use hot ginger water to replace the tea, 2 to 3 times a day, usually 6 to 9 times ulcer surface can converge.

6. De-dandruff: Gently scrub the hair with ginger and then wash the hair with hot ginger water to prevent dandruff from falling. In addition, often wash your hair with hot ginger water, which also has a certain therapeutic effect on baldness.

7, relieve waist and shoulder pain: first add a little salt and vinegar to the hot ginger water, then wring it with a towel soaked in water, apply it to the affected area, repeat Times. This method can make the muscles change from relaxation to tension and relax the muscles, which can greatly relieve the pain.


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