Women’s “vegetable three treasures”, blood and beauty anti-aging

After the age of 30, a healthy body and a fast-growing appearance will make women more distressed. Women must not only work hard on beauty, but also cannot be ignored in health!


Maintain skin health and improve resistance

Most vitamins Can not be synthesized through the body, only through the intake of food.

1. If the vitamin C intake is insufficient, the skin will no longer be white, the spirit is no longer full, and it is easy to bleed and skin freckle;

2, if the intake of vitamin E is reduced, the skin is prone to pigmentation, and the ovary is prone to aging;

3, when vitamin A is insufficiently consumed, and when vitamin A is insufficiently consumed The skin is rough, the vision is blurred, and the resistance is reduced.

Zi cabbage is rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, B vitamins and anthocyanins and dietary fiber to maintain skin health and enhance body resistance. force.

In addition, purple cabbage can reduce weight and prevent constipation, enhance gastrointestinal function, promote intestinal peristalsis, and lower cholesterol levels, while preventing constipation.


1 bowl of rice, 30 grams of purple cabbage, 1 corn (fresh), 1 gram of salt, and onion

1, purple cabbage washed, cut into silk, canned corn kernels drained, spare.

2, the eggs into the bowl to break up, stir evenly, put the pot on the fire, pour the oil to heat, stir into the egg liquid, shovel into small pieces and then simmer.

3. Pour the olive oil into the wok. Add the purple cabbage and stir fry a few times. Pour in the simmered rice and stir fry until the granules are clear and not agglomerated.

4, under the corn and fried eggs with fried, then add chopped green onion, add salt to taste, stir fry evenly out of the pot.


Defer aging and maintain heart health

When a woman has insufficient protein supplementation, then The buttocks tend to shrink and collapse, the chest is no longer straight, the neck is wrinkled, and it is less likely to have smooth and elastic skin.

At the same time, as the age increases, the loss of estrogen in the body, women’s menopause is easy to advance, breast atrophy, osteoporosis, skin aging.

Edamame is rich in plant protein and phytoestrogens, delaying women’s aging while maintaining cardiovascular health, preventing constipation, and supplementing vitamin E.

Edamame can also prevent osteoporosis. Eat edamame regularly, eat more calcium, and increase bone density.

Halo edamame

Edamame 500g, salt, 1 cinnamon, 20 peppers, 2 octagonal, 20 dried red peppers, vegetable oil A small amount, cumin amount

1, edamame with a little water and a spoonful of salt slightly soaked for a while, washed with both hands and rinsed.

2. The edamame drained with scissors cuts both ends with scissors and is easy to taste.

3. Put a proper amount of water into the pot and boil. Add all the ingredients you have prepared and boil for a few minutes.

4, to smell the scent, then add a few drops of cooking oil to the pot, add the right amount of salt, and finally pour the prepared edamame into the boil, continue to use medium heat to keep Boiling, always boil the edamame to the level you like, turn off the heat, soak for a few hours.


Improve anemia and help to lose weight

Females are more prone to anemia. When anemia occurs, there will often be dizziness, insomnia, multiple dreams, palpitations, rapid breathing, pale skin, dullness and roughness, and the resistance will also decrease.

Seaweed as a seaweed vegetable is rich in minerals, not only to play calcium and iodine, but also iron can improve anemia; at the same time, dietary fiber in kelp, Helps women lose weight.

In terms of medicinal efficacy, kelp is a cool food that helps to get rid of heat. Eating kelp can also lower blood fat, lower blood sugar, improve body immunity, fight coagulation and resistance. Oxidation also helps a lot.

Soya kelp soup

Soya beans, kelp, salt, soy sauce

1, kelp Wash and cut into pieces, soak the soybeans for half a day.

2, soy beans are picked up and drained, and poured into a dry pot for about a minute.

3, put in the kelp, soy sauce placed along the side of the pot, aroma.

4. After stirring for a while, all the ingredients are poured into a saucepan and boiled with water.

5, after the soybeans are soft and rotten, you can add salt to the pot.

Attachment: If you have other favorite ingredients, such as tofu, gourd, etc., you can mix it with kelp soup.

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