Yaoxis are sore, premature ejaculation, insomnia, and eating these three kinds of vegetables are more beneficial!

Kidney yin deficiency is a combination of a series of symptoms. Patients with typical kidney yin deficiency are prone to red tongue, red fur, and insomnia. Because the yin loss, the essence is not full, it is easy to produce some symptoms of waist and knees, hot flashes, night sweats, spermatorrhea and spermatorrhea. For serious nocturnal spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation and other disease symptoms need to seek medical treatment in time, but for patients with only mild annoyance, night sweats, complexion, nighttime insomnia and other symptoms of kidney yin deficiency only need to pay more attention to the following vegetables in the daily diet Yes.

1. Black fungus

Chinese medicine is a disease-aware medicine that integrates the five internal organs into one heart. The kidney, in the body of the vein, its Hua is in the face, the five sounds are feathers, and the color is black. The color of black fungus is kidney, and it is best to enter the kidney and replenish kidney. TCM medicine believes that the black fungus that grows in the jungle dead wood has the function of reproduction and growth. Therefore, the vegetables eat more black fungus, kidney essence, nourishing kidney liquid, can help Yin and eliminate trouble, and treat the hot flashes and night sweats. False symptoms.

2. Yam

Yam is a food and food homologous food. It is generally believed that the Huai yam produced by Huaiqing Prefecture in Henan is the most Authentic, the price is also the most expensive, but we just take yam to stir-fry and eat without having to pay too much attention to the origin of yam. Yam tastes sweet, calm, and can enter the lungs, spleen and kidney. Its main effect is to replenish the spleen and kidney, and to fix the essence. However, its nourishing effect on kidney yin is most prominent. The method of making yam is more common. There is a soup to drink and stir-fry. No matter how you eat it, because yam itself has a slippery liquid, sweet and delicious, you can make delicious food, so I naturally recommend it. Eat vegetables.

3. Kidney Beans

At the turn of spring and summer, cowpeas begin to bloom purple flowers, because the cowpeas bloom to form a “kidney shape”, and There is the name of “kidney bean”. The mature cowpea has two colors, one is red and the other is light green. The two colors of cowpea are very delicious. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” introduces this kind of vegetables: “Hanping, non-toxic, enters the kidney and enters the stomach through the stomach” and introduces the cowpea to supplement the Qi, strong essence, the main thirst, and the main man’s spermatorrhea, woman Abnormal vaginal discharge can be said to be a good food with the same medicine and food.

These things are unusual vegetables in the eyes of farmers, but in the hands of old Chinese doctors, they can be used to regulate kidney yin deficiency. It can be seen that there are too many wonderful things in nature.

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