Your majesty! stand up! Suddenly it was black. How terrible is the harm of hypotension?

When I went to the toilet for a long time, I stood up suddenly and suddenly felt black and dizzy in front of me.

It’s low blood pressure! Will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain.

People with low blood pressure often have these manifestations:

Dizziness, exhaustion, inattention, black eyes, vertigo Nausea, cold, and even fainting.

When walking, it is like stepping on cotton;

When the side is still asleep, hand numbness and foot numbness; /p>

When you stand up, your eyes are dark and dizzy;

concentrate your attention for a long time, tired and sleepy;

When you look down for too long, your head is very heavy…

Sum up, it’s two words: virtual! weak!

Why do you have low blood pressure?

There are probably three reasons:

1, orthostatic hypotension

A position is actually a different posture in which a person is kneeling, standing, and lying down.

A person suddenly changes his posture, such as standing suddenly when he is squatting. At this moment, his blood pressure is lowered and the blood supply to the brain is insufficient. Therefore, symptoms of blackness and dizziness appear in front of him. Even fainting directly; however, after a while, you can recover on your own.

This situation is very common, not only for the elderly, but also for young people.

2, neurogenic hypotension

This is a dangerous misunderstanding. Because the brain mistakenly believes that the blood pressure is high, the “professional literacy” issued a command to lower blood pressure, the body can only obey, and blood pressure is lowered.

The cause of the disease is not clear, but it may be due to a degenerative disease of the central nervous system or the surrounding autonomic nervous system, leading to dysfunction of the central or peripheral autonomic nervous system; in addition, the disease may be With brain ataxia, Parkinson’s syndrome and muscle atrophy.

Slightly patients are only pale, cold sweat, nausea, dizziness, and patients may not be able to stand continuously, or even faint, stay in bed for a long time.

3. Hypotension associated with shock

What is the state of shock? Due to the effective circulation of blood loss, systemic microcirculation disorders, causing numerous organs, including the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc., severe ischemia, hypoxia.

Patients will be unconscious, have a damp skin, have a weak pulse, and have lower blood pressure, lingering on the verge of death.

Excessive blood loss, severe infection, severe dehydration, severe diarrhea, severe burns, allergies, heart disease and poisoning may cause shock.

People with low blood pressure should pay attention to the body!

If you know your own hypotension, you should first identify the cause and cooperate with the treatment.

Ensure balanced nutrition. If you need it, you can eat more salt, but you should consult a doctor first.

Standing after standing down, remember to be slower and slower, don’t “hard-hit” with this hypotension.

Avoid staying in the same position for a long time, such as standing, standing, lying, sitting for a long time, every 1~2 hours.

Stretching stockings or raising the lower limbs are all ways to help redistribute blood and relieve symptoms.

Drink plenty of water and drink less. It is best not to drink alcohol, after all, alcohol will dilate blood vessels to lower blood pressure.



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