3 kinds of weight loss Chinese medicine should be remembered, only reduce the fat once in a lifetime!

It’s very interesting about losing weight. Some people say that what is the most annoying thing about losing weight, and saying that they don’t play with those who lose weight successfully. “Those who say that losing weight can lose weight, But everything is done.” Some people say, “Is it fat? Isn’t that simple? Is it easy to reduce the amount of this fat every year!”

In this way, it is not an easy task to completely reduce the fat on the stomach at one time. Scientific and effective weight loss can make us lose weight in one step. Here we recommend three kinds of weight loss commonly used. Chinese herbal medicine.


Fat is more humid, fat people are more poisonous, Chinese medicine from the theory of dampness is unique to individual obese people The insights and the important arguments of “paste and taste, full of life” pointed out that people who are obese mostly eat too much oily fat and other foods rich in oil, which leads to oil accumulation and obesity. . The taste of coix seed is slightly bitter, the taste is slightly cold, and it can enter the spleen and stomach. The main drug effect is to dilute the water and eliminate the source of turbidity. Because the spleen and stomach are the devices for storing sputum, the bitterness of the scorpion can be damp and dry, which can make the dampness lose the foundation of metaplasia.

2. Lotus Leaf

The lotus leaf is not a lot of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese medicine practitioners often just put the lotus leaf in Sasuke. The status of Chinese medicine in Zuo, such as Li Ye’s lotus leaf rice, lotus leaf is a kind of prescription. However, the lotus leaf is indeed a Chinese herbal medicine that can pass through the turbidity. Obesity is generally due to too much wet and turbid turbidity, can not be effectively excluded, lotus leaves dried decoction, fragrance and wet, so that wet turbid lotus leaves together, the most weight loss.

3. Cassia

Some obese people look very strong, but they always have fever and headache when they are cold. Because of the weakness of righteousness, it is impossible to defend. The so-called false and true, obese patients often have constipation difficulties, because of the virtual reality, so for such obese patients, often only need to give a laxative treatment method can be a good solution to the symptoms of obesity.

So, it seems that losing weight is a difficult thing, but as long as you master the good methods, you can get one step at a time, so that you can only reduce your fat once in your life.

[This article was originally produced by “Materia Medica” new media, and the picture comes from the Internet. Author Qian Zhongsu, unauthorized, please do not reprint]



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