A cup of “honey water” before going to bed, can you lose weight? Expert: Don’t mess around, be careful to gain weight

Girls want a perfect body, so even after eating and drinking, they will think about how to reduce the amount of calories they eat, but even if they are willing After persisting for a while, I still feel hard and may want to give up. If you have a cup of “honey water” before going to bed, can you lose weight naturally? Experts pointed out: Do not drink again, be careful to increase fat!

Honey is a kind of weight loss food that everyone is already familiar with. In addition to the effect of weight loss, it can also play the role of beauty and beauty. And its role in weight loss is because it can promote intestinal peristalsis, and then discharge the residue inside the intestine, so you can lose weight.

But many people think that a cup of honey every morning, plus a cup of honey at night, can be slimmed down in a matter of time. However, after a period of time, you will find that not only did you not lose weight, but even one or two pounds of fat, what is going on?

The original experts have already explained that a cup of honey water at night will not be able to lose weight, because honey has a lot of sugar, and after drinking a glass of honey water at night, it The sugar will accumulate in the body, and then metabolize through the stomach, but the amount of exercise in the big night is relatively small, so a lot of sugar will be stored in the body, can not be discharged, absorbed by the body, naturally become fat.

The best way to drink honey water is to promote intestinal peristalsis, remove debris, and warm the stomach during an early morning fasting.

When brewing honey water, remember one thing, that is, you must have warm water. In addition, you can add lemon and egg fruit, but add these acidic fruits. It is best to drink in the afternoon, otherwise it will hurt the stomach.



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