A slimming recipe, 7 days thin and 15 pounds! Protect your stomach and scrape oil, less than 1 dollar!

Select a few kilograms of rice (the quality and type of rice are not limited, but it is recommended that you do not choose glutinous rice, but it is best to choose the disposable rice, save a washing and drying process) Then use the pot of cooking, heat it, put nothing, pour the rice into the fry until it turns yellow.

Be aware of the following:

1. When frying rice, make sure the rice is dry;

2, it is necessary to keep stirring, otherwise it will be burnt;

3, rice must be fried until yellow, as it is light yellow or deep yellow, then Just look at your taste, you like to eat the casserole, stir fry a little yellow, do not like to fry a little yellow.

4. When cooking, just like the usual practice of cooking porridge.

The practice of fried rice

1, do not put oil in the pot, put rice into the medium and small fire to dry;

2, keep shovel stir-fry;

3, until the rice is fried brown, the rice is fried.

Pour in boiling water for a while in fried rice, which is fried rice tea. Fried rice tea, you can drink when you go to work. Don’t delay work and lose weight, quench your thirst, and get more!

Come the fried rice porridge, cook a pot of water in the pot, add the fried rice to boil, turn Small fire will thicken the porridge.


1, fried rice should be cooled and then porridge, otherwise it is easy to paste soup;

2, fried rice will not be as sticky as ordinary rice, so the water of fried rice porridge is less than the usual porridge.

How much you can eat if you want to eat this food, and you can eat it with any dish, including the meat you want to eat, the fried products, the best for losing weight. !

The principle of weight loss

In the process of frying, the starch contained in the rice is completely destroyed and decomposed (of course other Nutrients have also been severely damaged, so it is said to be a nutrient-free thing, and it has become activated carbon.

This kind of activated carbon can suck away the fat attached to the stomach and intestines and excrete it. Therefore, it special “scrapping, scraping oil”, quenching thirst, and protecting the stomach

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