A small trick to lose weight; even if you are fat into a ball during weight loss, eating these foods at night can also make you slim.

As a proverb says, breakfast should be good, lunch is full, dinner is eaten less, and less does not mean nothing!

So during the fat loss period, you must eat dinner to keep your body working.

1: First of all, don’t eat high-GI food for dinner during fat loss. Carbohydrate and protein can release 4 kilocalories per gram, and fat can release 9 kilocalories per gram.

So it’s easy to eat fat, you should eat whole grains, such as purple potatoes, corn, pumpkin, carrots, low calories, and more cellulose, carbohydrates, and protein. Rarely, there is almost no fat.

So dieters can safely eat vegetables. In addition, foods such as mushrooms, kelp, konjac, and bamboo shoots have less energy and more fiber.

2: Eat high-protein foods such as legume protein, shrimp, and beef chicken breast to supplement protein.

3: It is recommended to have an hour of supper, do strength training first, then aerobic for 35 minutes, long-term persistence, the basic metabolic improvement is equivalent to closing the door of fat accumulation, naturally Thin!



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