After the National Day fat three pounds? But if you can do 4 points, you will lose half of your weight.

How is the best effect on thin abdomen? The big eat and drink on the festival leads to the fat filled up in the small belly, then you know how to reduce it.

The abdomen tends to accumulate fat but it is not easy to eliminate, so you have to rely on the external force to let the fat go down.

There is a tool called waist-to-hip ratio, which is a measure of whether a person has centripetal obesity, that is, the ratio of waist to hip, such as women greater than 0.8 males greater than 0.9. At that time, it can be judged as centripetal obesity.

Abdominal obesity not only affects the appearance of a person, but also may cause the visceral fat to be more harmful. The visceral fat will secrete a variety of fat factors to regulate the body. Systemic and organizational functions also affect insulin sensitivity, and it is important to resolve abdominal fat accumulation early.

The fastest way to lose weight

1, don’t treat belly fat in isolation.

Abdominal fat is the same as other body fats. Abdominal fat can’t be eliminated by precise fixation. The fat stored in the body can only be reduced through the regulation of diet and the coordination of exercise. Only when the body’s fat is reduced, the fat in the abdomen will decrease.

Someone said, why is fat growing at a fixed point when it grows, but not when it is eliminated? The reason why the abdomen is easier to grow longer than other places is because it is big and big. There is a lack of exercise during drinking, and having a sedentary relationship has a great relationship.

2, don’t go on a diet.

Even if you are eager to slim down the meat on your stomach, it is best not to choose a diet. Excessive dieting will allow your body to automatically enter the fat storage mode, so the best way is to eat three meals a day, and breakfast is best to eat some nutrients, according to the Chinese residents dietary guidelines, adult women daily intake The heat cannot be less than 1500 calories.

3. Don’t just focus on diet and exercise.

Although diet and exercise play a big role in weight loss, the focus is on finding a balance between the two. Stress in life and sleep can affect a person’s fat growth. Insufficient sleep can cause the body to synthesize cortisol, which stores fat in the body.

4, don’t rely on bowel and fluid food.

After the festival, many people like to use the method of clearing the intestines to discharge the food that was eaten during the long holiday, but the method of clearing the intestines can only be achieved with a reasonable diet. The effect of weight loss. And the liquid food people eat does not continue to provide the nutrients needed for weight loss. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to change your eating habits and choose some fresh food, protein and whole grains.



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