Can you lose weight in the autumn?

So, can you lose weight in the autumn?

1, autumn steaming and losing weight is not ideal

now entering the fall, losing weight People began to consider the best way to lose weight in autumn. Some people think that sweating in autumn is the first choice for weight loss. This method is to expand the pores of the human body through high temperature and promote blood circulation to excrete sweat and toxins, thus achieving the purpose of weight loss. Experts say that steaming and losing weight in the fall is not the ideal way. It may increase the energy consumption, but most of it is only to reduce the water in the body, it should not be suitable for some patients with chronic diseases.

2. Careful use of chronic sweating patients in the autumn

In fact, it is really comfortable to lose weight in the autumn. Not only can you relax your body and mind, but you can also increase your energy consumption and have a certain weight loss effect. Long-term stay at high temperatures, the average person can only adhere to the most minutes, therefore, chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, etc., should pay attention to this method of weight loss, of course, long-term use of this way to lose weight is not appropriate.

3, sweating in the autumn will consume body water

In the fall, if you sweat to lose weight, Will make the body’s water consumption a lot, and because the autumn climate is dry, the autumn is the season of hydration, and steaming is the practice of removing water from the body, which is very contradictory, so it is best not to sweat in autumn. Instead, by doing more aerobic exercise, the body’s heat is converted into sweat, and the accumulated fat is consumed, so as to achieve the ideal weight loss goal.



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