Can you lose weight without eating dinner? NO! It may have only one benefit…

All say that not eating breakfast is a chronic suicide

If you don’t eat lunch, you will be hungry.

But one In the evening it becomes “no meal”

Also is a meal, it will be “disgusted” for dinner.

The dinner is actually eating Still not eating?

You really need to know these

What are the benefits of not eating dinner? Don’t believe


If you have to say that must be


Online There are many reasons for this…

These don’t trust any more

1. You can lose weight without dinner. ?

If you eat less, it is actually a diet. The majority of the diet is reduced by moisture, which is easy to rebound.

The key to both good health and weight loss is: Control the total calories of the day, eat seven full meals for three meals, and eat a full balance.

2. Can you live longer without dinner?

Research has shown that limiting diet can extend the life of experimental animals. Note that two keywords: animal experiments, limit diet.

3. Can you excrete toxins from your body without eating dinner?

Sweating, peeing, smelling stinky… These are normal metabolic products, except for eating more and more, and having nothing to do with dinner. .

Do you want to eat dinner?

Is it bad to eat dinner?

Yes! Of course! The biggest hazard is

But dinner

Eating and not eating scorers

1. Most people who are healthy, want to eat

Occasionally, hungry for two or two is no problem, but after a long time, it will destroy the gastrointestinal function and affect endocrine. There is no benefit to health and weight loss.

2. Special people who are sick, want to eat

Sick people, whether in routine treatment or After the operation, it is necessary to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients.


All three meals a day should be delicious

But if these are 4 cases

can be considered not to eat

These four cases are not Have dinner

1. Eat too much at noon

The big fish and big meat are all stuffed into the stomach There is no extra exercise at night and you can consider not eating dinner.

2. Eat more in the afternoon

Although I don’t eat much at noon, but add food in the afternoon, Did not stop. That dinner will be saved.

3. Sleep early at night

Sit and sleep should be separated by about 3 hours to prevent too much support It affects sleep. If you sleep at 8 or 9 in the evening, you can consider eating two meals a day and delaying the lunch time.

4. Excessive weight

The “multi” here refers to BMI>28, body fat People with a rate >30%.

Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) ÷ height (m) squared, test to see if you exceed the standard?

Do you belong to these four kinds of self-tests?

No matter what

Must be sure Healthy and reasonable, eat well

There is a problem

Our sizzle for your dinner today

Source: Clove Family Health

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